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Analyze Walt Disney documentary , Part 2, applying the Principles of Porter’s “Five Forces that shape “Strategy” – due Sunday, February 7 @ midnite

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This submission mises the point of the assignment directions – see the very last sentence in RED font: “…cite quotes and scenes from the documentary….this is NOT a research paper – study the documentary. Period.” #1 There is not a single quote/ scene / example from the DOCUMENTARY….”this is NOT a research paper, yet you cite 2# sources. #2 There is no link back to the Part #1 of the documentary…..about financing or licensing or global impact…. Attached is a classmate’s analysis with the depth & detail that is expected in this Master’s level course….please review and let’s discuss your momentum in this course…

WSJ # 3- due no later than Friday, February 12 @ midnite

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#1 – These are definitions – it is NOT analysis APPLYING Porter’s Five Forces #2 This is NOT based on a current WSJ article – THAT is the point of the assignment…. #3 attached is a classmate’s example of how this WSJ assignment is structured…..

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