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Individualized Wellness Plan of Care

Identify client’s health goal1. Choose a wellness-nursing problem based on the client’s HEENT assessment with supportive evidence from your interview (20pts).2. Provide a rationale for your choice (10pts).Wellness Diagnosis:Rationale:
3. Identify two nursing interventions (20pts) based on the client’s stage of change and include a rationale (20pts) for each intervention (Total = 40pts).4. Interventions must be supported by ONE evidenced based practice article within 5 years. The article must be submitted to Bb with your assignment; In addition, a full and proper APA format must be completed in the right column under reference and/or a separate reference page (10pts)Intervention 1:Rationale:Reference:Intervention 2Rationale:Reference
5. Identify how you will potentially evaluate each intervention (with a rationale) that the client will achieve the health goal (20pts)EvaluationRationale:

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