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Discussion 2

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B2C Versus B2B Relationship Marketing

For this discussion:

1. Compare and contrast relationship marketing when marketing at a level of B2C versus B2B.

2. Offer examples of B2B and B2C relationship marketing using a publicly traded company or your own company.


In your Digital Marketing text, read the following:

· Chapter 6, “Integrated Digital Marketing,” pages 105–123.

Also, use the Capella library to read the following articles:

· Cripps, H., Standing, C., & Fanning, S. (2015). Does “social” media work in a business-to-business marketing contextProceedings of the European Conference on e-Learning, 89–95.

· Luo, A., & Kumar, V. (2013). Recovering hidden buyer-seller relationship states to measure the return on marketing investment in business-to-business marketsJournal of Marketing Research (JMR), 50(1), 143–160.

· Madupalli, R., Pannirselvam, G., & Williams, C. (2014). Quality of business-to-business relationships: Impact of customer-supplier differences. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 18(2), 149–167.

· Khan, M. T. (2014). The concept of ‘marketing mix’ and its elements (A conceptual review paper). International Journal of Information, Business and Management, 6(2), 95–107.

· Theron, E., Terblanche, N. S., & Boshoff, C. (2013). Building long-term marketing relationships: New perspectives on B2B financial servicesSouth African Journal of Business Management, 44(4), 33–45.

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