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Write a memo addressed to a prospective supervisor to introduce yourself. Your memo should have four headings: 

  1. Education— including goals and accomplishments.
  2. Job Information—where you have worked and your responsibilities.
  3. Community Service—volunteer work, church work, youth groups.
  4. Writing Experience—your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, the types of writing  you have done, your knowledge of and experience in writing e-communications, and the audiences for whom you have written.

Please use these sources to help you write a memo:

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Upwrite Press, “The Key Forms of Business Writing: Basic Memo,”

Purdue Owl, “Memos” (follow the links in the opening paragraph)


University of Maryland Global Campus, Effective Writing Center, “How to Write the Perfect Memo”


Ashford University, “Writing a Business Memo”


Colorado State University, WAC Clearinghouse, “Business Memos”


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