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Week 3: Alternative Writing Assignment for Week 2

1. Scholarly sources: Current outside scholarly sources must be published with the last 5 years.

2. The length of the paper is to be no less than 1,500 words, excluding title page and reference list.

3. APA format (current edition) is required in this assignment, explicitly for in-text citations and the reference list. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins and double spacing. See the APA manual for details regarding proper citation.

4. Organize the headings and content of your paper using the outline below:

· Select a body system relevant to the lesson from the previous week for

5.Organize the headings and content of your paper using the outline below:

· Topic to discuss: Respiratory System

· Discuss the physiology (structure and function) of the body system including details about the major organ systems .

· Construct relevant health history questions (subjective data) pertaining to the body system.

· Provide an overview of the objective data and expected normal physical examination findings for this body system.

· Explain special physical assessment examination techniques or procedures specific to assessing this body system.

· Analyze and discuss how you might adapt your physical assessment skills or interviewing techniques to accommodate each of the following specific populations:

· Infant/pediatric

· Pregnancy

· Geriatric

· Identify one major disease or disease process that may significantly impact this body system.

· Synthesis and discuss the expected abnormal physical examination findings that may be associated with this disease or disease process.

· Summarize the key points.

· References in correct APA format

ASSIGNMENT CONTENT Category Points % Description Application of Knowledge, Analysis, and Clarity 10 33.33 The quality of this criterion will be evaluated based upon the following:demonstration of analysis, synthesis, and/or application of principles and concepts consistent with the principles of advanced physical assessment; relevance of content specific to the topic; expected normal findings, appropriate health history questions, and organization and clear presentation of information.  Adapted Physical Assessment Skills to Special Populations, Disease Process, Summary, and Scholarly Source 10 33.33 The quality of this criterion will be evaluated based upon the following: discussion regarding how to adapt physical assessment skills or techniques to accommodate all special populations; identification and discussion of one major disease or disease process and expected examination findings; and summation ofkey points. Must include at least one scholarly source to support the paper.