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Companies with strong cultures have a strong flow of communication that moves in every direction (1):

  • Downward: communication flows from top management down to employees.
  • Upward: communication flows from employees up to management.
  • Lateral: communication flows between employees at the same level.
  • Diagonal: communication flows across different work areas or organizational levels.

For this discussion:

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  • Use at least one example from the list to discuss how communication flows in a department in your current organization or a previous one.
  • Explain how the flow of communication affects organizational culture.

Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.


1.Stephen P. Robbins. 2018. Management. Pearson 14th edition book.

Word Count Requirements:

Your discussion main (original) post must be at least 250 words to fully demonstrate your understanding of the discussion questions.

Your peer post must be at least 100 words in length.

✔This is who i want to respond to:

In my company, it is a mixture of downward and diagonal. When working, we always get dietary orders from our nursing department. However, they do not always communicate with us when we change or even get a new resident, which makes our job a little more difficult and often gets us in trouble with our dietary manager because we are unaware. Nevertheless, our dietary manager often gives us orders to do certain things when we work so that the shift can flow smoothly. Nevertheless, that does not always happen. The one thing I believe my job does lack is communication and the right leadership. Because without those two key components, it makes our job a lot harder and often causes many problems with the facility. The flow of communication affects the flow of organizational culture because if one person or person’s is not aware of something, it can throw the whole team off. It needs to be established beforehand, so there are no workplace complications or that specified department. Having an organization within the workplace is very much key. Without it, there would make a huge chaotic mess. In other words, it would be disastrous. So all businesses need to have the proper chain of authority. In order to allow all departments to communicate without incident. Which is a sense that means a happy workplace happy employees. Like happy wife happy life. So I conclude that we need the flow of communication because it can and will affect organizational cultures

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