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Download the learning contract template from your MSN Practicum Handbook and set up a meeting with your preceptor to develop learning objectives and tasks specific to your learning needs, your clinical setting, and the change project you will implement.

This contract is an agreement that is developed and signed by you and your preceptor. It is a developed individualized learning plan that should include learning objectives and tasks designed by you and your preceptor to ensure competencies are met. It will also serve as a guideline for you and your preceptor to reference as you work through implementation of your evidence-based change project.

Learning Contract

College of Nursing

MSN Program

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Introduction Combining the interests and skills of students and preceptors working together in a practicum experience can result in a rich learning experience. To make the best use of this opportunity and to accommodate individual student needs and interests, the student and preceptor negotiate a learning contract.

Plan for Establishing a Learning Contract

First week (Week 1)

 The student receives the learning contract form on the first day.

 The student completes the student section of the contract, and the preceptor completes the preceptor section of the contract.

 The student sets up a meeting with the preceptor for the learning contract negotiation at the end of the week.

 At the negotiation meeting, the student writes the summary statement of student and preceptor goals.

 The student and the preceptor sign the learning contract.

Midpoint (Week 4 of course sessions A and B)

 The student and the preceptor set up a meeting for a midpoint review to assess the practicum experience in general and the learning contract goals.

• The student and the preceptor make any necessary administrative and educational adjustments.

Last week (Week 8 of course sessions A and B)

 The student and the preceptor set up a meeting to review the practicum experience and to evaluate progress on learning contract goals.

Student Goals: List your most important goals for this practicum experience and specific strategies/tasks you propose to meet these goals. Goals:

Strategies/Tasks to Meet Goals:

Learning Contract

College of Nursing

MSN Program

Learning Contract Page 2 of 2

Preceptor Goals: List the three most important areas you think the student should focus on during this practicum experience and your strategies for addressing these areas.

Area 1:

Area 2:

Area 3:


Summary (to be completed by student): Performance Goals and Strategies/Tasks:

Student Signature: Date:

Preceptor Signature: Date:

Faculty Signature: Date:

  1. Student:
  2. Preceptor:
  3. Goals 1:
  4. Goals 2:
  5. Goals 3:
  6. StrategiesTasks to Meet Goals 1:
  7. StrategiesTasks to Meet Goals 2:
  8. StrategiesTasks to Meet Goals 3:
  9. Area 1 1:
  10. Area 1 2:
  11. Area 2 1:
  12. Area 2 2:
  13. Area 3 1:
  14. Area 3 2:
  15. Strategies 1:
  16. Strategies 2:
  17. Strategies 3:
  18. Strategies 4:
  19. Performance Goals and StrategiesTasks 1:
  20. Performance Goals and StrategiesTasks 2:
  21. Performance Goals and StrategiesTasks 3:
  22. Performance Goals and StrategiesTasks 4:
  23. Performance Goals and StrategiesTasks 5:
  24. Date:
  25. Date_2:
  26. Date_3: