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New Technology of Game Art Ray Tracing

New Technology of Game Art Ray Tracing









The kind of this event can be described as a technique that uses logarithms.

making it very essential on tracing the paths of the light.

This plays a very important role and it is capable of interaction simulation of light with objects that are virtual.

About Ray Tracing

Overall equipment improvement

Improved overall art work

Increased game development costs

Impact on Game Player

Ray Tracing changes the picture of the game, it makes the picture of the game closer to reality. The previous game screens are relatively bright. In the game, where the player is, the light will not change like the real light, but the current game screen will be changed through this technology. The light will change as the player moves.

Impact on The Game

The cost of game development will increase, which will affect the cost of game development. It may also increase the price of the game. The cost of equipment for developing games will also increase.

The closeness of the game screen will affect the player’s physical condition. For example, a horror scene that is too realistic when playing a horror game will make the player feel uncomfortable.


Ray Tracing will change the game of the future. It will make the game enter a new milestone. The development cost and equipment of the game will also be updated as the ray tracing technology improves.


Over-realistic game screens will consume more energy than before.

When the cost of playing games increases, will it have a bad impact on players’ choice of games? For example, the current ray tracing technology game needs better computer configuration support to use ray tracing for games.

Impact on the gaming industry

New Technology of Game Art Ray Tracing

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