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Discussion Board 1: Searching the literature

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Use this worksheet to develop your clinical practice question. Write a purpose statement. Describe each PICO(T) element addressing your topic of interest. Then identify an article (written within the last five years) that addresses your PICO(T).

Complete the worksheet below and then CUT AND PASTE YOUR WORK to the Discussion Board (DB). Provide Constructive feedback to two peers on their work. For example, what additional information would you like to know about the findings? Do you have another article you could recommend? Please review DB rubric for full details.

Step 1: Briefly describe in 50-75 words why this clinical problem is of interest to you.

Step 2: Define elements of the clinical question using PICOT:
P = Patients or population to target:
I = Intervention (assessment or treatment):
C = Comparison treatment:
O = Outcomes:
T = Time frame (optional):
Step 3: Formulate your PICOT Question:

Step 4:

4a. Identify an article (published within the last 5 years) that addresses your PICOT question and briefly explain in 50-75 words how addresses your PICOT. For example, how did the author(s)’ findings impact your outcome of interest? Did the author(s)’ find the intervention significantly improved a health outcome, or significantly decreased the risk for an outcome occurring?

4b. Make sure to provide the citation in FULL APA formatting. (Hint PubMed and Google Scholar often provide the citation in APA formatting).

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