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Based on your personal interests and your reading of chapter 1 and the UNWTO document, please choose a country on which you will focus this term and indicate your choice in the title of your discussion post (for example, Sue Chooses India).  Country choice is on a first come, first served basis, and only one student may focus on any specific country during the course of the term, so please make your posting as soon as possible in order to ensure your first choice.  For example, a good country to choose would be one with high hotel development and tourism growth (like China or India); a good choice would also be one from which many of your employees may come from depending on your career interests; or one that is often in the news and has readily identifiable plans for increasing tourism (like Cuba, South Korea or Mexico); or one that you would like to live and work in one day, depending on your career interests.  There are only two rules, as stated previously, only one person can choose a country, so post early; the other rule is that you cannot choose the country that you are from or the USA. 

Please discuss:

1. Your reasons for your choice, both personal and based on your reading/research.

2. What are the major demand determinants for travel to this country (tourism sites, business/economic centers, etc)?

3. What is the outlook for tourism growth to this country?  What are the drivers behind this prediction? Be sure to cite your research.

Your initial post will be 500 words in length (one page, single spaced) and reference a minimum of 3 cited sources. In addition to in-text citations, please include your works cited at the end of your post