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In developing your Marketing Plan, use the following resources:

· Appendix A of the textbook:

Why Write a Plan? Why Plan? Plans help you think long term about your service line, process improvement program, or cost-saving initiative. It keeps everyone involved in the plan motivated for change. External Uses for Planning Plans can assist in obtaining external funding. Plans are often useful in identifying strategic alliances. In the for-profit environment, merger and acquisition candidates are screened based on their planning documents. To assist in gaining customer commitment, strategic plans are often required to dispel doubts.

The Components of the Plan Table of Contents Executive Summary Organizational Profile Marketing Plan Operational Plan Financial Plan Appendix

Putting It All Together

Address the reader’s concerns

· Is the plan feasible?

· Does it add value to the customer (whoever that is)?

· Are your strategies consistent with the marketplace trends and your internal capabilities and resources?

· Can you defend your strategy versus other alternatives?

· Are your goals focused and measurable?

· Is the financial plan realistic?

· Is the funding request feasible?

· Is the management or other personnel in place or can be attracted to implement the plan?

· Is the timetable doable?

Get an outsider’s perspective

· Outside reviewers often provide constructive feedback.

· Objective review is critical before significant resource commitment.

· American Marketing Association (Links to an external site.)

This is a Group Project, spanning the full eight weeks of this Fast Track Course. 

At the end of the drop/add period, the professor will assign you to a group.

You will work in groups of 3-4 students to complete this project, which is due at the end of the term. Use the designated areas on the discussion board to communicate with your teammates.


Polk Memorial Hospital (PMH) (a fictitious name) is a general medical/surgical hospital of 350 beds with full occupancy.  PMH is a community-based, not-for-profit institution with a service area population of 500,000 people.  There are two other smaller, for-profit hospitals in the area.  The medical staff of PMH is comprised of 250 physicians and surgeons on the active medical staff.  About half the medical staff belong to a large multi-specialty group practice which operates independently and is a for-profit entity.  Of the remaining medical staff, about 20 are employed by PMH (Radiology, Anesthesiology and Pathology) with the remainder being independently practicing physicians in solo or small single-specialty practices.

After a national search to replace the retiring CEO of the hospital after serving 27 years in his position, a new CEO, Jane Smith, started at the hospital some three months prior.  One of her first duties as incoming CEO was to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, its operations and its management team.  Her preliminary findings were:

I.                    Strengths:

a.       Experienced management team with average tenure of 20+ years at PMH.

b.      Governing Board with average of 15 years of service to the hospital.

c.       A very high occupancy rate, with the hospital remaining at full capacity (beds) most of the time.

d.      The hospitals finances seemed to be in order, with good cash flow and margins.

e.      An extremely busy (over capacity) Emergency Room.

f.        A reputation in the community as “the hospital to go to”, however this reputation had begun to decline due to overcrowding conditions, overworked staff and competition from the other two hospitals.

2.                  Weaknesses:

a.       The management team has been with and loyal to the previous CEO for a long time.

b.      The board members had been in place too long, with little change-over to new members of the board.

c.       Insufficient financial reserves to undertake new capital improvements (facilities and equipment). 

d.      Complaints from patients and staff regarding overcrowded conditions, overworked staff, long hours of waiting time in the ER, and formal complaints about medical errors and medical liability claims were on the rise.

e.      Medical staff complaints about old equipment and the need for upgrading high tech equipment, replacing old beds, and upgrading facilities to state of the art.

3.          CEO’s Objective:  

The new CEO had recently received word that a nurses union had made initial inquiries regarding nursing staff dissatisfaction with wages and working conditions.  Ms Smith has determined that certain actions and priorities should be established in order to:

a.       Position the hospital for the future

b.       Address management team issues

c.       Address governance issues

d.       Address liability issues (financial, clinical and facilities/grounds)

e.       Address staffing issues

f.       Address facilities, equipment and new technology issues

g.       Address patient satisfaction and quality of service issues

You have landed your dream job! You are now the Director of Marketing for a large hospital system in Central Florida (see attached Case Study).   Develop a comprehensive, detailed marketing plan to present to your CEO and Board of Directors. You may use all or some of the guide materials as tools provided to you within Appendix A. However, your final plan must include the following:

1. Table of Contents

2. Executive Summary

3. Organizational Profile

4. Marketing Plan

5. Operational Plan

6. Financial Plan

7. Appendix (Did you use any of the tools? Do you have any additional supporting data [charts/graphs, etc.] that you would like to attach?)

PLEASE NOTE :  for this assignment, you may exclude the underlined segments of the plan, in order to focus your time and efforts on the structure and development of the Marketing Plan.  However, there are financial and operational elements within the Marketing Plan that are essential to the entire process.

ALSO NOTE:  you have a schedule of required uploads to the DropBox:

End of Unit 2:  submit (required) initial draft or outline of your group’s marketing plan;

End of Unit 5  submit (required) final draft/outline of your group’s marketing plan;

End of Unit 7: upload your groups’ final Marketing Plan 

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