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At the end of the quarter, you’ll submit via Blackboard an approximately 500- word essay outlining the concepts from the course which you have found most meaningful and describing how you anticipate incorporating these new concepts into your professional, academic or personal life. Please submit this self-reflection paper in either Microsoft Word or .pdf format only. The grading criteria will be based on: ▪ Explanation of how you’ll incorporate course concepts in the future, citing specific examples 40% ▪ Evidence of understanding of general OB course topics 30% ▪ Quality of writing 30% 

Rafael Gutierrez

Management 3020

Professor Matthew Habich

December 3, 2020


This Organizational Behavior course has taught me a lot new concepts that I am able to use in my professional, academic, or even my personal life. One concept I found really interesting was the concept of Positive Reinforcement, which is when someone learns to perform behaviors that have positive outcomes, like a raise or bonus. Where I work, I have trouble trying to get the people I work with to do desirable actions. If I can create a sort of reward, such as a small bonus or buy them lunch for achieving a goal, they would be more likely to repeat good, productive actions. Another concept I found as useful in my life would be the concept of the First Impression Error. I will admit, the way I judge someone always goes back to the first time I met this person, no matter how much they changed. They may be a totally different person, but I always tend to thing about how they were when I first met them. I do not believe it is fair to continue judging someone based on their first impression and I will try to not let this happen in the future. An important thing I discovered about myself while taking the course is the concept of Achievement Motivation, which is an individuals desire to succeed and do better than others. When professor Matthew Habich spoke of this, I noticed that I fit the definition of this concept. Individuals have differences and my difference is that I want to be the best, but it made me notice that I put school before everything else and it causes me miss out on life. I am always studying and reading that I don’t enjoy life, but I will make changes to not be so competitive in my school-work. Another concept came from the Attitudes chapter, which was the concept of Dispositional Model of Job Satisfaction. This concept states that a person will have a relatively similar level of job satisfaction even if the job is different. I am able to use this in both my personal life and professional life because I though job dissatisfaction came solely from the job itself. This concept made me realize that it may not be the job, but the person themselves may have an issue. That way if I ever experience job dissatisfaction, I can look at myself to see if I am the problem and not the job. When talking about Motivation, I started to think about the questions regarding “What Motivates You to Work?” I have felt unmotivated at work lately, so I began to look at each question. When I read over all the questions, I noticed that I had none of these at my current job and that was probably why I have been feeling unmotivated lately. The work I do is not challenging, there is no team-oriented environment, I do not get adequate compensation, and there are little to no opportunities for promotion. Seeing how I had none of these at my job, I believe these are the reasons I have felt very little motivation at work. These are just some of the many concepts that I learned throughout the semester. I am certain there are many more I will be able to use from this course and I am glad I had the opportunity to take it.