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Cover Letter



Dear Mrs.

I am pleased to write regarding the nursing position you advertised in the daily newspaper and the on your website. My experience and qualifications make me a suitable candidate for this nursing position.

I possess a Master’s Degree in Nursing and 1+ years of experience of efficiently and effectively management of both staff and patients. I am incredibly calm, organized, and patient professional with excellent healthcare experience. My passion is providing quality care to patients, and the necessary leadership talents to inspire teammates. Achieving the goal of the organization is my desire, and I would appreciate working with you.

In my present responsibility as a registered nurse, I am working as an evaluator to the medical conditions. On average, I usually evaluate around 20 patients daily and direct and develop rotational system to manage healthcare. In the hospital, I have been recognized as one of the most dedicated, reliable and ambitious employees who can work without supervision.

Additionally, my one-year experience as an assistant nurse assisted me in implementing the learned clinical duties. Additionally, I developed different skills from the function, such as ways to handle the patients. I believe your organization would offer a mutual relationship, since I am seeking for a challenging work environment that will be essential in utilizing my skills fully. I am looking forward to the opportunity, and I would appreciate defending my abilities during the interview. Please find attached resume.


Personal Profile

I am a talented, accomplished and skills professional in the field of nursing. I have proved to be excellent at working with others to accomplish a specific objective in a timely and unique manner. I am also dependable and reliable in attending to new responsibilities within a wide range of employment area. I desire to work in a dynamic and highly competitive organization specializing in providing quality standard that will be essential to exposing me to a variety of knowledge, especially in the nursing sector.

Resume Objective

I am a nurse RN with 3 years of experience offering quality healthcare to patients experiencing a variety of conditions. I have pursued a Master’s Degree in Nursing and am currently focusing on earning a Doctorate in the same field. In addition, I am aiming at leveraging my knowledge and experience to comply with the nursing position at different institutions effectively.


Registered Nurse

Palm Wellington Surgical Center June 2017-Present

· Providing quality care to patients, working as a circulating nurse in the field of Orthopedic/ Pain Management.

Assistant Nurse/ Surgical Assistant

Center for bone and joint/ July 2000-June 2017

· Helped physicians in taking body temperature, blood pressure and measuring heart beating physical examinations.

· I was commended by my supervisors to handle severe conditions and situations involving patients.

· OR duties, helping the doctors in surgery, preparing grafts, closing wounds.


· Problem-solving

· Collaboration

· Adaptability

· Strong Work Ethic


ISCM Camaguey, Cuba; Doctor in Medicine July 1993.

Medical Assistant: July 1996

Surgical Assistant April 2001

BSN Sagrado Corazon University, PR June 2016


Evelyn Dominguez

Register Nurse (RN) with 27 years of experience in the healthcare field, and 3 years of nursing experience. Fluent in Spanish. My goal is to continue offering quality care to patients while incrementing my expertise in the field.


June 2017 – Present Registered nurse – Palm Wellington Surgical Center, Royal Palm Beach

· Ensuring the safety of patients as a versatile circulating nurse

· Collaborating with key OR personnel and rendering attentive preoperative and postoperative nursing care.

· Establishing compassionate relationships with patients

July 2000 – June 2017 Medical/ Surgical Assistant – Center for Bone and Joint, Wellington

· Positioned patients for surgery and aided with draping

· Cleared areas where surgeons were planning to operate, held open incisions and closed them at the end of procedures

· Selected and passed instruments and supplies during operations

· Stopped bleeding by sponging, clamping, tying, or cauterizing vessels, or suturing tissue layers as directed by the surgeon

July 1997 – July 2000 Medical Assistant – Infants and Children, West Palm Beach

· Recorded vital signs of pediatric patients

· Administered vaccinations and injections

· Took measurements for growth charts.

· Performed office work to assist the physician

August 1993 – March 1996 Family Physician – Camaguey, Cuba

· Diagnosed and treated patients with a variety of conditions using a patient-centered approach

· Helped patients deal with chronic illnesses in a holistic manner

· Worked on the prevention of health

· Assisted underserved communities with their health needs


August 2019 – Present Master of Nursing, Florida National University

· Concentration: Family Nurse Practitioner

· Expected graduation: April 2021

August 2014 – June 2016 Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing, Sagrado Corazon University, PR

Sept 1987 – July 1993 MD Degree, Instituto Superior Ciencias Medicas Camaguey, Cuba

Licenses and Certifications

April 2003 Certified Surgical Assistant, NSSA

November 1996 Certified Medical Assistant


· Profound experience working in surgical settings

· Excellent ability to monitor patient conditions

· Well-developed diagnostic and critical thinking skills

· Ability to work flexible schedules

· Efficient communicator and organizer

· Fluent in Spanish