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Writing Clearly and Concisely. Chapter 3 of your APA Manual talks about tone and reducing bias in language.  Please post one example where you want the reader to know the “tone” of your writing or what you’re trying to communicate.   As part of the class discussion, explain the “tone” presented and provide one suggestion or example of how changing the “tone” can alter the intent of your meaning.   Is the change better or worse? Why is the change better or worse?  For example: “Although we tried our best, the disease process was far too advanced. There was nothing more we could have done, I am truly sorry for your loss,” is something working in a hospital you’ve probably heard a physician say to a family member. The tone in this statement sounds very professional yet is sympathetic to the family member’s loss.  Whereas in the following statement, the tone in less formal, sounds nonchalant, and judgmental, “There’s nothing more we could have done, they were too sick and at the end of their life.” Family members are more likely to be put off and feel like the physician gave up on their loved one.

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