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I need to apply for college admission and hence need to submit statement of purpose. It has to be 2 pages and I will provide details to mention. Need someone to write the document.


Some information to you: I finished Bachelor’s in architecture and worked for few years and now

planning for masters education in interior design related courses. I need this SOP to apply for the

universities. Need 2 page document.

Am applying for masters in interior design. Hence Please focus like 70% on interiors and 30% on my

art career. I want to bring arts and crafts into interior designs.


• Career – Bachelor’s in architecture with work experience of 4 years as junior architect and

designer. And also, a passion driven artist who converted hobby into profession — founder of artify

(more details about this are placed in last page below)

• long Term goal: get handmades into interiors. Meeting the Demands of Contemporary world.

• Master’s in interiors will help me in getting wide knowledge of proportion Materials, properties,

details and new techniques, practical world acceptance etc

• Realization of when to do masters —– while working as an designer and dealing with Material and

construction workers, my knowledge of fine detailing in projects and my personal touch in art and

crafts drove my interest towards learning the subject more.

• Interest in studying interiors started when I understood the importance of how organized space

saves the energy and time, giving a healthy atmosphere around.

• childhood and influence: exposure towards construction and interior spacing started from My

father(who is civil engineer) by visiting his projects, seeing him design layouts and designs and from

there interest kept growing.

• While growing up and looking at Family/elders doing so many Handmade home decor ‘DIY (Do It

Yourself)’ as a child, i was very enthusiast to help them in Making and upcycling was My favorite

part since childhood.

• at an age of 9 _won 3rd place in state level art Competition and many more awards in free hand

sketching and painting

• always scored good in Mathematics, which is very useful in architecture world. On the fly


• after intermediate decided to pursue bachelor’s in architecture and in this journey from 2011,

interest towards art and craft has increased and now i excel in More than 50 artforms like painting,

graphite realism, mixed media, and I like teaching a lot. I taught to More than 200 students.

• I want to bring arts and crafts into interior designs. As a child I grow up looking at so much art

around me and developed passion towards it.

• I have evolved a lot while getting involved in the journey of designing wide range of residential,

commercial and hospitality projects. From hand rendered concept development stage to computer

aided design drafting, 3d modeling and rendering softwers like autocad, revit, sketchup, vray,

photoshop made me realize my deep understanding towards design empathy and learning more in

detail about Materials and technology involved into it. Am also flexible towards adapting to

different new technologies, locations and their regulations. Designing something to a newer

audience always excites me.

• My creativity and natural curiosity of experimenting with various innovative styles, helped me

produce effective designs in office and freelancing projects for friends and family.

job and work experience:

2015-2019: internship and jr. architect and designer at interior design firm

2019-november: interior stylist

2020_current: design Team Member


• Team leader for Reubens trophy for NASA (national association of students of architecture) 2013

• successful Women entrepreneur 2020@ Hyderabad city

• 2 times in newspaper articles — in 2016 in the age of 22 was featured in a local newspaper for

establishing artify.in startup. And for encouraging handmade products and spreading the

importance of art in todays technology addicted generation.

• tv shows — 2 channels — more than 15 episodes telecasted

• craft shows on youtube famous channels

hobbies and interests:

• gardening, cooking, travelling, collecting art pieces and boxes in specific

• love for details in artifacts

• color, lighting, and texture_ touch and feel Makes Me happy

• nostalgia for articles, vintage keeper

• upcycling and recreate

• I always follow the new trends in market and think about how can I bring or adapt that to my

interior designing projects


Am an art enthusiast from childhood and my journey as an professional artist/crafter started in 2011.

During my education in Architecture and Interior Designing, I have learned and experimented with

different art forms and making use of them in home decor. Now I involve myself in more than 50

different art forms through making and teaching.

Being a passion driven artist, I turned hobby into profession and started with ‘artify’ which is all about

getting hand made art into interiors and reaching the demands of this modern world. I also worked as a

interior designer /stylist. Upcycling projects and home decor are always my favorite part.

Estb. 2016 _ Artify is about getting various artforms into interiors….working with artist and getting

product designed meeting the demands. Like fusion/ mixing and developing different details _

experimenting with it. Now we are a team of 5 women trained in various art forms and have an idea of

expanding it to more remote artist who are not exposed to this world, yet very strong knowledge in


Journey of leaning art started at an age of 8 but under professional guidance started in 2011 when I got

exposed to wide range of arts, when I once visited fine arts exhibition in our college. Then I joined art

classes for nirmal painting, quilling, oil painting, graphite realism, product designing, mixedmedia… and

many more