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Project Charter

Project Title: Advanced Program Management
Projected Start Date: March 1st, 2021Projected Finish Date: July 1st, 2021
Project Sponsor: Jane Keen (Department Chair)
Project Manager: Student’s Name
Project Stakeholder(s): John Davies (Subject Matter expert), Division of Online Learning, and other faculties, institutes, and departmental heads.
Opportunity/Need/Problem StatementThere is an opportunity for starting a new Master of Business Administration program in the university titled Advanced Program Management. The proposal has already been approved and a new faculty member has already been hired to develop the course for the new program. The project entails the development of a curriculum that will be used in teaching the new program.
Project ObjectivesThe project objective is to develop an 11-week curriculum that will be used in teaching a new MBA program on Advanced Program Management.
Success CriteriaThe success of the project will be based on the ability to meet the July 1st deadline to enable students to enroll in classes from fall.
Preliminary Project Scope
In ScopeThere will be the development of weekly lectures and assignments as the first step in the development of the project. This will be developed a week at a time and reviewed by the sponsor every week to ensure that the project meets the required standards. Additionally, the weekly lectures and assignments will be submitted directly to the Division of Online Learning once they are approved for immediate preparation for upload into the online platform.
Out of ScopeThe project team will carry out widespread research and consultation to determine the aspects that are in similar MBA programs in other universities. This will be crucial to ensure that the developed program is suited to the needs of the students and it also improves on the available programs.
The major constraint of this project is the time constraint. The project deadline is July 1st, and this does not leave sufficient time for carrying out widespread consultations in the development of the program. Another constraint is that the program will be taught fully online. This makes the process to be different than developing a curriculum that will be administered in in-class sessions, and this makes the process to be more difficult.
The assumption made is that the program will be implemented using an appropriate change model to minimize resistance from the other members of the faculty to ensure the success of the project and its implementation by fall.
RisksThere is a risk of developing an inadequate curriculum because of the short time involved which does not allow for widespread consultation as well as public participation. Another risk is that the Department of Online Learning may run into challenges that will limit their ability to have the program online by fall. This is because the tie provided for the project may not be sufficient.
High-Level Timeline (Deliverables and Milestones)The first two weeks of the project will be dedicated to consultations and benchmarking other institutions with similar programs. This will be followed by six weeks of curriculum development. The final two weeks of the program will be dedicated to the team from the department of online learning.
Estimated BudgetThe DOL estimate is 25,000 dollars and outside material for the course is expected to be less than $2000. The total budget for the program is 28,000 dollars. The additional 1000 dollars is meant for miscellaneous. The subject matter expert is salaried, and this cost is not included in the project. There will be no Moodle expansions or additions required.
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