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Lab 1 worksheet: The Scientific Process

5 points

1) What is the difference between a control group and an experimental group in a scientific experiment? Why do you need a control group in a good scientific study? What are the different types of controls you could have in an experiment? (2 points)

2) Define independent variable and dependent variable in a scientific experiment. (1 point)

3) Spend some time researching the difference between a hypothesis and a theory in science and state your findings. (1 point)

4) Imagine that you need to answer the following question: ‘does the hormone estrogen increase milk yield in dairy cows?’. Work through the scientific process by stating a hypothesis and designing an experiment to test this hypothesis. Be sure to include all elements of an experiment into your design: experimental group and control group(s), independent and dependent variables, predictions, number of replications you will perform for each group, etc. Be thorough in your answer! (4 points)

5) Read through the experimental process below and identify the following elements in this study: (2 points)

· What was the hypothesis?

· What kind of test did they perform?

· What were their independent and dependent variables?

· What was their control group and what type of control was it?

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