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In the virtual event, “Subversives: Parasite,” the guest speaker and the moderator talked about the Koreanness in this film. Did you learn something new you did not notice when you watched Parasite? What new layers of interpretation can you make from this film? 

150 words at least

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The virtual event, “Subversives: Parasite,” definitely brought more insight and knowledge to me about the film. I found it fascinating how the importance of food was brought up in the discussion between Kyung Hyun Kim and Sowon S. Park. They went over how the food was symbolic of how depending on your economic standing it would affect your view on cheap vs expensive food. The parks combined low-quality food with food that is bought by the wealthy because their kid enjoys it. My own interpretation from this is that lower-class families often can only afford cheap meals that they eat daily, but the Parks eat it as a treat. The parks having a housemaid that usually cooks even the simplest foods also shows their place on the social ladder. I found it really interesting that even though the Parks and the Kims are on opposite sides of the social ladder they both enjoy eating the other families’ meal of choice.

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After watching the virtual event, many new details came to my mind, and as the guest speaker and the moderator discussed them, they brought me into deeper thinking and understanding about some of the scenes. When the moderator brought up Koreanness, issues with poor wifi in the Kims’ family were mentioned. Not just digital poor issues, but also other problems with bills and food. These are difficulties that many people worldwide can relate to, and they are common around ordinary people. Director Bong deliberately used such issues to talk to the larger audience, which is why the film was widely accepted globally. Another topic mentioned was a linguistic hierarchy in the film, when knowing English seems to put one’s position in the higher class. It seems to be the case in the movie, and it can be brought to real life. In many countries, knowing English well gives one pride, and people would admire them. Not just in Korea but also in many other countries, mastery of English has set the hierarchy of classes. The ways that Bong approaches these common issues in the film attracted a variety of audiences that can closely relate to them, making the film achieve milestones in the industry.

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