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You will discuss your experience of creating and customizing tables and charts in PowerPoint 2013. Since tables and charts may be new to you, especially the options for creating them in this MS PowerPoint 2013 version. Be sure to spend some time running through the examples. You will find the possibilities are great and you may find this to be a very useful tool in displaying information.

· After exploring the tables and charts features, describe some real-world scenarios when you or an organization might consider using them.

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Tables And Charts
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· How might this improve an organization’s ability to present information or data? Do charts make it easy for audiences to understand complex numerical data?

· How do you find the balance between including too many details and focusing on the big picture? One of the keys to creating successful charts is to know which chart to pick to best convey the data. How do you determine this?

· How can quick styles simplify the formatting process? How do you decide whether or not to use a legend? Discuss your findings, your experiences, likes and dislikes, and the added benefits to you as well.

· Explain what you struggled with or what you found that was new and exciting that you plan to use personally or professionally.

Note: The discussion questions have been designed so that a response of approximately 250 words is typically needed to fully address the subject.  

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