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You will write a 400 word blog every three weeks. You will research the weeks’ topics and upload your own blog posts to Blackboard VLE. In each post you should give examples of sustainability concepts and/or other theories covered during the previous weeks, including the week of the blog posting. Research how these concepts relate to real life business/es (you may use your own personal experience in business or other organisations).

We are looking for your ability to transfer the theories/concepts you have learnt into the real world. In each post you should explain what the examples are and then explain which aspect of sustainability it relates to.

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4 Blog topics:

1st – Business sustainability – ethics/politics in business

2nd – CSR – reporting and accreditation as well as corruption

3rd – social sustainability, labour issues and unions

4th – migration and sustainability – global poverty

Task – give real work examples on each topic after explaining the topic and then link said example into the topic plus the overall aspect of sustainability

Deadline 11:59 13th January

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