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1- As an HR intern you will be introduced to the different functions in HR, one of these main functions of HRM is “Training and Development”. Explain what this function is and discuss how this function can help specifically the company you chose. (Below are some important issues to include in your discussion about this function of HRM) (40 pts.)

– Training needs analysis process

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– Design of training program (lesson plans, learning outcomes, using different training methods, evaluation of training program, trainer, sitting arrangement…)

– Training delivery and methods

– Training evaluation and assessment

2a- As an HR student identify the skills needed to work in the training and development department?

2b-State why did you chose those skills and compare those skills with yours?

2c-If you were the Head of training and development department would you hire yourself to be part of that department state why? (30 pts.)

3- Find 4 latest training and development trends? List and explain each (20 pts.)

4- References (10 pts.)

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