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Part II: Budget Narrative and Sustainability Plan

  • The Budget Narrative expands on the line items of the budget, providing a reviewer detail and justification for how you arrived at the projected dollar amounts. For example: If hiring a consultant for $2,000 is a line item, the narrative might explain that this is based on 40 hours @ $50/hour.
  • The Sustainability Plan explains how your agency plans to continue operating this program once the funding has run out.
  • It also indicates where future funding and other resources might be obtained.

Pleased put the information on the attached template. 

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Part III

Budget Template

Personnel NamePersonnel TitleTime/Effort Percentage (%)Time/Effort Hours/WeekDollar Amount Requested for SalaryDollar Amount Requested for Fringe BenefitsGrand Total Dollar Amount Requested
Name #1Project Director1003562500200064500
Name #2Project Coordinator1003545000150046500
Name #3Clinical Coordinator75254000050040500
Name #4Academic Coordinator60253350050034000
Name #5Project Evaluator60153000050030500
Name #6Project Secretary100402500050025500
Subtotals   236,0005500241,500
Consultant Costs4000     
Staff Travel1500     
Itemized Equipment12000     
Supplies (itemize by category)5500     
Other Expenses2500     
Grand Total Direct Costs

Budget Narrative

· Explain and justify, in complete sentences and paragraph form, each line item in the budget template.

Sustainability Plan

· Include one to two paragraphs explaining how you will sustain the program once the grant expires.


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