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Describes interpretive research, including how it differs from quantitative research and the importance of careful articulation of the researcher’s choices and interpretations when doing this type of research.

Describes an example of socially constructed reality and its application to qualitative research, and correctly identifies the assumptions upon which it is constructed.

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Qualitative Research —- Reflection: Role Of The Researcher
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Analyzes the foundations of qualitative research as they apply to your experience as a researcher, with references to literature beyond that included in the course to support the analysis.

Discusses the role of the researcher in qualitative research as it applies to your perspective on scholarly research, and applies theory to inform conclusions.

Evaluates specific benefits and risks of techniques for incorporating personal perspectives into qualitative research.

Discusses potential ethical challenges you can foresee in your role as a qualitative researcher and provides supporting evidence.

Note: Communicates succinctly and persuasively and follows APA formatting guidelines and principles throughout. (4 pages (excluding title page and references, APA format, include all the references and citations used (more than 5 references)

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