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HA4110D – Healthcare Planning and Evaluation 

Discussion 1.2: Generate Ideas through Brainstorming

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Discussion 1.2: Generate Ideas Through Brainstorming
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.Discuss how brainstorming generates ideas within a group setting. How does informal brainstorming compare to formal brainstorming?

.Provide an example of each type of brainstorming within the healthcare business profession.

.For example: informal ideas for cutting wait time at the emergency room can be achieved by…..

.A minimum of 250 words for your initial discussion post.

.Write in paragraph form in the discussion

.Also, do not post an attachment in your discussion.

.Use an outside resource for your initial post.

.Seek information through healthcare news articles and journals.

.Do not go back any further than 5 years.

.Follow APA standards on referencing. Please use the NAU Library APA guide for assistance. 

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