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The Module 4 Discussion Board Assignment will task you with watching Episode 12 of Eyes on the Prize (“A Nation of Law?”), particularly the firs 31 minutes of it.  To watch the episode, click on the documentary link in the Module 4 Assigned Readings and Media folder.  Before you watch briefly write down what (if anything) you know about the Black Panther Party.  What did they want?  What were their methods of achieving what they wanted?  Were they a good organization? (Your answers do not have to be accurate.  Just state what your initial thoughts of the Black Panther Party are.)  Then, watch episode 12 of Eyes on the Prize.  How did the description of the Black Panther Party and the obstacles they face compare to your initial perceptions of the Black Panther Party?  Why do you think federal and local governments and police where so determined to break up the Black Panther Party?  What, if anything, did you find interesting or surprising about the episode?  Reference specific details from the documentary when drafting your response.

Episode 12: https://fod.infobase.com/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=58643

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