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This assignment has two components: an outline and an annotated bibliography. Submit both parts in one single Microsoft Word document. Your total number of pages should be a minimum of four pages, not counting the title page. 

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Part I: The Outline

Develop a thesis and detailed outline for your final paper topic. The purpose of this assignment is to help you prepare for the research proposal due in Unit VII.

Include at least the following elements in your outline: 

· APA-formatted title page, 

· introduction,

· the purpose of your paper (be sure to support your points with scholarly material),

· at least five main section headings for the body of the document (these are the main topics you will discuss in the document),

· sub-sections to each of those main sections, and

· recommendations/conclusions.

Remember to use in-text citations throughout to show where information came from and to support your points with scholarly material.

Part II: The Annotated Bibliography

Develop an annotated bibliography of at least three scholarly sources (not counting the course textbook) for your final paper topic. This assignment is to help you prepare for the final paper due in Unit VII. 

The annotated bibliography submission should include the following details.

· The annotated bibliography entries must be in the APA-Style format.

· The summaries should include the following information.  

. A brief explanation/summary of the source: Identify what the article is about or explain what the author tested, for example. Do not copy the abstract or the summary from the article and place it in your paper. Paraphrase and summarize the information in your own words. The whole summary may not be one long quotation.

. A brief explanation should show how this source will contribute to your final paper. 

. Each summary should be at least 100 words in length.

· The following are NOT acceptable for academic research and referencing. These may NOT be used in your paper:  

. Encyclopedias;

. Dictionaries;

. Wikipedia, other wikis, or blogs;

. Ask.com, ehow.com, Dotdash.com, Howstuffworks.com, or any similar website;

. Websites and other sources that do not provide quality researched materials (i.e., site does not use credible sources to support the information in the document). 

Be sure to summarize, paraphrase, and cite the information. Do not copy directly from the textbook or from any other source, including your community website.

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