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Discussion topics support this unit’s objective and should be completed after reading all materials. Your responses ought to include original evaluation, synthesis, or analysis of the topic, and contribute to the weekly discussion in a meaningful way. You must complete all Discussion topics and reply to your peers’ posts. Refer to the Discussion Board Rubric under Course Resources for additional requirements.

Topic: Child Protection System

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· What is meant by the child protection system (CPS)?

· Identify the importance of CPS intervention programs, and if you think the courts act in the best interest of an abused child when they allow that child to remain with the family. May certain circumstances allow for this? Explain. 

In your response, please include research to support your opinion.


Joshua Cross posted Dec 6, 2020 3:22 PM

Child protective services is a government agency responsible for providing child protection. This includes responding to reports of child abuse or neglect. The main goal of child protective services is to keep children in their homes when it is a safe home. Child protective services also provides children with a safe environment when the child is determined to be at risk. In my opinion, courts do not always act in the best interest of children when it comes to removing them from their homes or keeping them there. I have witnessed many of homes that are full of clutter and drugs and bad influences. Houses like that can have multiple reports of child neglect and the children will still be forced to stay. I understand most children should stay with their parents, but not all parents are a good influence or provide a safe house for their children. It is the sad truth, but it happens more times than not. That being said, I have also witnessed child protective services do good. They have helped bring children out of bad homes and take them to loved ones or families that can provide better care for them. It is never easy taking a child away from a family, but sometimes it is what’s best for the child.

Sincerely, Cross


The child protection system is meant to protect the children. They are set up to help provide protection for children who are at-risk or being neglected physically, sexually, or emotionally. The importance of the cps intervention program is protect the children and parents. Intervention programs can be implemented prior to abuse happening when there are signs. These programs are set up to address safety, other emergency needs and increasing readiness for children or caregivers for any change-oriented practices or behaviors. I do not think that the courts are acting in the best interest of an abused child when they allow the child to remain with the family. To know that a child is being abused and sending them back with someone who is abusing them is wrong on so many levels. I know that it is important for children to be with their families while growing up, but that should not be a reason to keep the child with them. The courts are allowing this child to get abused for who knows how long and really messing up that childs life. 

Welsh, L.J.S.B. C. (2016). Juvenile Delinquency: The Core. [Purdue University Global Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://purdueuniversityglobal.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781337413497/

Assignment 2: Presentation

Find a local program (city or county based) and a state-level program to use for your Assignment. You need only discuss two programs.

Create an 8–12 slide PowerPoint® presentation incorporating speaker notes to include the following:

· Identify three components of the diversionary programs and initiatives within the programs you identified.

· Compare and contrast the state and local programs.

· How well do they contribute to successful reintegration services?

· How well do they contribute to successful and transition services?

· Analyze trends and patterns of these programs as they contribute to reduced recidivism (this may be data driven).

· Relate the trends and patterns to the programs overall validity and effectiveness. 

Note: This Assignment requires outside research. Use at least two credible sources and discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used. You may consult the Library, the Internet, course materials, and any other outside resources in supporting your task, using proper citations in APA style.

The PowerPoint presentation should have the following characteristics. 

· Contains a title and references slide.

· Bullets for your main points.

· Pictures to support your presentation where applicable.

· Must include speaker notes to fully explain what is being discussed in the slide bullet points as though you are presenting to an audience.

· Designed with a live audience in mind in order to inform your viewers about the topic.

· Research from at least two reliable sources to support the main message, including graphics.

· Incorporate information from course readings, the course materials, or other library sources to support your discussion. Properly cite all sources of information by including in-text citations and a list of references.

· Research and visuals are cited in APA citation format, both in-text and on a References slide. You need to quote material taken directly from a source.

· The same standards for documenting sources that apply to an essay, apply to a presentation. Go to the Academic Writer website for a digital library of APA Style quick guides and tutorials to refine your writing. You can access this website in Academic Tools.

Speaker Notes

Information on using speaker notes can be accessed within PowerPoint by pressing F1 for help. In the search box, type speaker notes to display details on how to use this function. 

Submitting Your Assignment

Compose your Assignment in Microsoft PowerPoint and save it in the following format: Last name First name Assignment. (Example: SmithJohn_Unit4_Assignment2). Submit your Assignment to the Unit 4 Assignment 2 Dropbox by the end of Unit 4.

The concept of working together to produce a better outcome is not a novel idea. Competition in a collaborative working context may encourage productivity and the realization that different people bring different skills and different levels of skills to the workplace. For example, doctors can gain perspectives about a patient based on discussions with other staff such as nurses and therapists. However, coworkers may have differences in opinion and perceptions that do not allow them to collaborate with others. It is not always necessary to have complete harmony in the workplace but a civil, working relationship will get the job done.

Please respond to the Discussion below. Your posts should be in the 100–150-word range and your responses in the 75–100-word range. Respond to at least two of your classmates with meaningful comments. Support from unit materials or outside research should be included. Check out the Discussion topic grading rubric in the Course Resources area for information about how you will earn your grade for the Discussion.

Imagine a situation where you are paired up with a coworker to complete a very important project for your company. The coworker does not share the same work ethic that you do, and you are concerned about working together toward successful completion of the project. It is not a job that you can handle on your own as there are a lot of specialty areas that this person knows well, and you know nothing about. Discuss at least three things you can do to improve your working relationship with this person so that you do not dread going to work every day and that will improve the work you produce as a team.


Whitney Hicks – Unit 4 Discussion 

One thing that I can do to improve my working relationship with a co-worker that I am working with that don’t share the same work ethics on a very important project for my company is first get an understanding of there’s no I in teamwork (Luke, 2018). Teamwork is key to the success of any company by recognizing the importance of team building (Luke, 2018). The co-worker and I can have a meeting to discuss our roles on the project and to know that we are a working group in which two or more individuals working together who have individual roles based on the mission of the organization (Luke, 2018). We can also discuss the type of platform either through phone or videoconference we can collaborate on and work together. Collaboration occurs when individuals set aside their difference and work together for a common cause (Luke, 2018). Being able to put our differences to the side and share my point of view and to hear my co-worker’s point of view, we can put aside any disagreements we may have with the project so that it can get done as a team and come up with a presentation of the project that show’s both of our point of view. This is important because it displays a leadership style in which we both can feel like we are playing an important part of the organization by taking part in the decision-making process (Luke, 2018) of the project. 

The second thing that I can do to improve my working relationship with a co-worker that I am working with that I don’t share the same work ethics with on a very important project for my company is to stay on the same level in terms of keeping the same vibes with each other so that we can be comfortable knowing that the project is getting done. The co-worker and I should not be confused at this point to what needs to be done. We should treat everyone the same and not start gossiping or get involved in the workplace gossip (Matteson, 2013). This can distract us from the most important thing which is getting the project done, everything else could wait. We should keep the same energy that we had going into the project so we don’t feel like one is doing more than the other and vice versa. The co-worker and I should not feel overwhelmed by doing all the work or chasing each other around just to get the project done. We have to make the presentation of our project a reflection of our teamwork, dedication and hard work by showing them that we set aside our difference and stayed on the same level long enough to have a good working relationship to get the project done on time.  

The third thing that I can do to improve my working relationship with a co-worker that I am working with that I don’t share the same work ethics with on a very important project for my company is to respect each other’s time and space. I am the type that if there is a deadline to be done on a project, after the first meeting, I am doing as much research as I can so that I can get started on the project. We need to pace ourselves and make some time to collaborate and also to take care of our personal life. We need to set schedules that is good for our individual needs so that our personal life does not interfere with communicating about the project. If this happens then the tension we had before will blind us from doing the project. Our differences will be crossed and we will start to feel resentment towards the other person. My co-worker and I don’t want to come into the workplace not wanting to bump into each other because we are not respecting each other’s time and space. At this point the co-worker and I should be able to come to one another and let each other know how they feel and if they are crossing the line because spending so much time with a person who does not share the same work ethics can be stressful to work with that person let alone do a project with. After respecting each other’s time and space the co-worker and I should be able to have a better understanding of each other and a better working relationship when we come into.    


Luke, E. C. (2018). No I in teamwork. American Jails, 32(4),23-26. 

Matteson, S. (2013). 10 ways to build good coworker relationships. TechRepublic. https://techrepublic.com/blog/10-things/10-ways-to-build-good-coworker-relationships/ 


Dennis Dominguez posted Dec 7, 2020 1:07 PM

In the new era of today’s workforce, including major social and political changes, new measures and practices must be implemented and practiced in order to progress or advance a common objective. Leading companies are increasing diversity and inclusion according to David Pedulla’s article “Diversity and Inclusion Efforts that really work” in the Harvard Business Review (2020). To collaborate you must have inclusion. There are two criteria when collaborating. You want a peer, but more important than a peer, you need a complement, someone who will offset your weaknesses with their strengths (2012).

The three best practices that are best used when working with someone to improve a working relationship so that you do not dread going to work every day and that will improve the work you produce as a team are building strategic alliances, innovation and organizational learning. These practices or techniques are outlined in “Building Collaborative Relationships” (Spring2003).


David Pedulla. “Diversity and Inclusion Efforts That Really Work” (May 2020) Retrieved from:


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