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Explain Jesus’ teaching of the Beatitudes (Matt 5)

1. No anger

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2. No hate

3.Do not insult

4.respect everyone

5.Love everyone 

6.reconcile with everyone 

7.be friends with everyone / no enemies

8.Bring harmony with everyone and everything

9.Do’t even think about it, Do not disrespect 

10. No divorce

11. Make your “yes” be “yes” and “no” be “no”

12. Turn the other cheek, No fighting/ No violence

13.If someone steals your coat, give to those in need = homeless

14. Go the extra mile

15.Give to the poor/poverty

16.Do not refuse to lend money, do not charge interest

17. Love everyone and everything , Unconditional love, God’s love

18.Forgive everyone and everything, unconditional forgiveness

19. Pray for everyone

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