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strategy to calculate reliability of hydro power plant

Assignments:mini project

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Assignment topic: strategy to calculate reliability of hydro power plant

Learning outcomes:

The assignment should produce sufficient evidence for fulfilment of the following module learning outcomes:

(1) Specify, plan, and conduct a substantial research project in a technical area, (Projects may include practical work in a laboratory, computer based mathematical modelling, the application of software packages, etc.)

(2) Search effectively for relevant information.

(3) Present effective written and oral reports in a range of forms.

Additional information:

· On the title page of any submitted work a plagiarism/integrity statement should be included, e.g.: “This assignment has not been submitted before at this or any other educational establishment of learning in the support of a degree of any other award.”

· As per module specification Mini-Project is assessed with a written report which accounts for 50% of the module mark and an oral presentation which accounts for 50% of the module mark.

Submission date: 14/12/2020 by 11:59 pm


The mini project is intended to give you the opportunity to practice planning/executing a project and writing a thesis on a limited scale so that you have some experience to call on when writing and working on your MSc Project Engineering.

1 Katerina Fragaki, August 2020


You will plan and conduct a small project based around a simulation or a short experimental study. You will be given a topic and a short description, and you will be working within a small group.

The work should include consideration of the technical relevance/justification for the study, a detailed literature survey, development of an investigative method, collection of results, discussion and presentation of conclusions.

In addition to the technical aspects, a significant part of this time should be spent in planning and managing the project using the techniques covered in the module.

This mini project forms a vehicle for you to practice and demonstrate use of project planning methods described in the lectures for this module and research methods relevant to the nature of the work.


The laboratory and computing resources of the School of Engineering as well as the library resources of the University are available to support your project. If you need to work in a laboratory, ensure that your activities meet health and safety requirements before starting work.


Assessment A; Written Report: This is individual work (1500 to 2000 words maximum, excluding references; font size 11 or 12; line spacing 1.5.). You should follow the template provided with this assignment and remove the headings/ subheadings that are not relevant to your work. It should be submitted through Blackboard.

Assessment criteria

1. Report structure & presentation: 70%; 2.Technical merit: 30%

Assessment B; Oral Presentation: This is individual work You are required to record and submit a 3 minutes power point presentation which will consist of one or two slides maximum. You will present the main result of your project. The submission with be though Blackboard. There will be a short question and answers session on your presentation.

Assessment criteria

1. Content and timing, 25%; 2. Navigation/ Interaction with the audience 25%; 3. Visual aids interaction; 25%; 4. Answers to the questions: 25%


Specific to the Course and to your Project. It will be provided with the project description.

2 Katerina Fragaki, August 2020

Write here the Project Title

Write here the Project Title

Write here the Project Title

Mini Project Report

Insert Project Title

Insert date, e.g. February 10, 2020


<Write here the declaration of the originality of this work>.

Word Count:

Date of Submission:

Table of Contents 1 Introduction 4 1.1 Aim and Objectives 4 1.2 Structure of the report 4 2 Literature review 4 2.1 Theoretical Background 4 2.2 Related Research 4 3 Methodology 5 4 Data and Tools 5 1.3 Available data 5 1.4 XXXXXXX (e.g. Matlab) 5 1.5 XXXXXXX (e.g. Ansys Software) 5 1.6 Experimental Set-up 5 5 Data analysis 5 6 Code development 5 7 Simulation work 6 8 Experiments 6 9 Results and discussion 6 10 Conclusions 6 11 Appendices 6 References 6

Write here the Project Title


1 Introduction

<What this project is about>

<Why it is important>

<Brief theoretical background. Adapted from your project plan>

1.1 Aim and Objectives

<Adapted from your project plan>

1.2 Structure of the report

<Chapter one introduces ………… Chapter two is …….. Chapter four provides

……. etc. ….Finally, chapter x provides …….>

2 Literature review

2.1 Theoretical Background

<Develop the underlying theory of your work>

2.2 Related Research

<Research done by others on your topic>

3 Methodology

<Adapted from the task section of your project plan>

4 Data and Tools

1.3 Available data

<Describe here the data series that you are using. If your work does not involve the use of data omit this section.>

1.4 XXXXXXX (e.g. Matlab)

<Describe the programming language you used to develop your code. If your work does not include programming omit this section.>

1.5 XXXXXXX (e.g. Ansys Software)

<Describe the software you used for your simulation work. If your work does not include simulation using a software omit this section.>

1.6 Experimental Set-up

<Describe your experimental set up. Use appropriate diagrams to show the layout. Give the specifications of any equipment/ instrumentation that is included. If your work does not include experiments omit this section.>

5 Data analysis

6 Code development

<This section will be omitted if you have not done any programming work>

7 Simulation work

<This section will be omitted if you have not done any simulation work.>

8 Experiments

9 Results and discussion

10 Conclusions

1 Write your conclusion on the objective 1 of your work

2 Write your conclusion on the objective 2 of your work

3 Write your conclusion on the objective 3 of your work


11 Appendices


Gantt Chart




(Present the main result of your project in either one or, maximum, two slides.

Please note that you should present only the result that you think is the most important one.

You should also explain briefly to the audience how did you get this result.)

You can use up to two slides in total.

(Insert the title of your project here)

(insert your name and the title of your Course here)

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