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Evaluation of creativity

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Watching a fiction movie by the title (Voyage to a Human Body)

It is one of the best movies I have ever watched because it starts strongly leading my mind into its strangeness and mystery. The main character, named Loza, a human being shrunk into a microscopic organism, and his journey is to tour the respiration system of a healthy footballer. Loza is stranded as he is not decided whether to enter the footballer’s respiration system through the nose or the month but finally decides to enter through the nose.

The nostrils expand into the nasal cavity; at this point, the nostrils are lined with epithelium. The epithelium contains a lot of moisture, which filters the air beside Loza to ensure any particle is blocked from entering the throat. At the end of the throat, the path is divided into two; for the air opening leading to the lungs and the other for food passage. Several flaps of tissue shelter the air and only open when food besides Loza is swallowed, ensuring liquid and food are blocked from entering the lungs. Towards the end of the nasal cavity, it is a continuous pharying. Here airflow into the voice box into the windpipe where Loza refers to it as the trachea, which branches to form two pathways, each is moving into the two lungs.

The trachea and the bronchi are connected with C-like ring structures of cartilages to continuously make the tubes firm from collapsing to allow air, food, and Loza into the lungs. Inside the lung, Loza encounters thousands of small bronchi, going further the bronchi branches forming more branches. At the end of each branch, there are thousands of sacs. Loza screamed and said, “If this is the case with all human beings, am then sure that human being contains thousands of millions of sacs. Loza’s journey from the nose up to where he seems like climbing a tree.

Inside the lungs, Loza experiences relaxation and expansion of the lung’s muscles. During the lungs’ deflation and inflation, where there are numerous lungs’ lining like-structure Loza called them pleura covering the lungs’ elastic tissues. The elastic tissue makes the lungs behave like an air balloon, expanding and relaxing without losing its shape. Inside the sacs, a portion of the gas is absorbed into the blood system called oxygen, and a part that has been expelled is called carbon dioxide.

Along the journey, Loza is comfortable and secure with no fear of anyone’s attack. The thorax or chest cavity protects him with other features noted on the journey, such as the lungs and the heart. Attached ribs and the muscles form the sides and the top of the chest cavity. The bottom part of the chest cavity is protected by the large muscle called the diaphragm. The chest walls provide a secure cage around the lungs.

A substance called oxygen is absorbed by some features named cells by Loza and seems crucial in the footballer’s life and health. When Loza tried to trap some of the oxygen, the footballer became weak and almost fainted. It seems without this substance called oxygen; the footballer will die. Going back to the departure point, Loza is accompanied by carbon dioxide, which Loza describes as the worst enemy to the footballer’s life.

Finally, the footballer seems more energetic after absorbing the useful substances named oxygen, the diaphragm rises, and the chest muscles relax, making the chest cavity smaller, pushing Loza and the enemy (carbon dioxide) beside him out of the lung through the mouth and some of the carbon dioxides through the nose. Loza’s strange journey ended when he decided to exit the footballer body through the month, where he immediately resumes his initial physical appearance of a real human being.

Review of the movie

The movie is an educative tool for students particularly interested in Biology subject. The movie offers knowledge to students concerning the human respiratory system. Although a respiration system is a gaseous exchange system, the movie illustrates that food and water use the system partially. Through the movie, students can identify and describe the main respiration system’s organs and cells.

Through the movie, students can identify the function of small organs such as the nose, mouth, and larynx during Loza’s journey. Towards the end of this fictional movie, students can understand how important oxygen is in a person’s life. The movie uses a healthy footballer’s body to ascertain that all factors remain constant and the system is not interrupted by other factors such as diseases like asthma.


A review of a fiction movie titled “No More Assassination.”

The movie by the title “No More Assassination” illustrates how big companies conduct unfair completion practices among their peers or counterparts. The movie is set in an environment where there is stiff competition among three electronics Companies. Company A has not been doing well in the market and is headed by an ethical CEO called Zona.

Zona hires two assassins, namely Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Tasya, who are assigned different roles to assassinate the CEO of company B and C, who have the largest market share. Zona’s main aim is to become a monopoly in the electronic market. Towards the end of the movie Zona, Graham and Tasya are severely punished in the court of law, and company A deregistered.

Watching the movie

The movie starts with Graham, who is standing right in company B’s birth room, where the blood is oozing out from a wound on her skull. Graham becomes emotionally disturbed when she stares at herself through a reflection. The woman shortly joins a group of other women in an elevator where all of them are suspicious of the oozing blood from Graham’s skull. A hard-working character Rupert, CEO of company B he is declared killed by a young woman who had walked into his office wearing a suit and stab him. One of the suspicious women in the elevator contacted the police through a text message. Shortly cops hurriedly arrived and mowed Graham down.

In a different location, Tasya, another character, is seen in a pitch-black room lying on a bed where she is hooked up in a machine. In her shaken and pale situation, Tasya submits to an interview with Zona’s CEO. Tasya has already separated from her husband, which makes her lose her personal identity. Still, due to her ability to perform exemplary excellent on her duties, this company hire her to work closely with other individuals who perform critical assassinations. Although Tasya is excellent on her duty, being the possessor of other individuals is a high cost.

Tasya’s assignment is to possess a character named Colin, who dates the only daughter of Chief Executive Officer of Company C, Bean. The main assignment is to inhibit Colin and make him kill Bean. Tasya convinced Colin that he is the only son-in-law of Bean, and he stands the best chance to inherit the company when Bean dies. Since Colin has been struggling for so many years to gain Bean’s trust and allow him to marry, the daughter finds the best chance after Tasya conveyed this terrifying message. Tasya is possessed with the Bean’s daughter love, and he is not much interested in material gain but the ability to convince Bean that he is the best man to marry her daughter.

Immediately, Colin meets bean and alerts him on the plans Tasya has him assassinated. Bean immediately calls the police, who followed Tasya and spotted him with Zona in a certain hotel. The Police Zona and Tasya, and when their mobile phones were investigated, it became clear that Zona had hired Tasya to assassinate Bean. Further investigation also confirmed that Zona had also hired Graham to assassinate Rupert. Fortunately, after Graham stabbed Rupert, he just collapsed, which made people think he was already dead but just on the arriver to the hospital, Rupert was declared alive.

During a court hearing, Rupert narrated the whole scenario with Graham. Rupert told the court that although Graham managed to stab him on the neck, he also managed to hit her with a metal rod on her skull, and that was why Graham was bleeding on her skull at the start of the movie. Graham, Tasya, and Zona were charged with life imprisonment attempting first-class murder, and Zona’s company was deregistered.


Watching and reviewing the movie in part A shows that movie watching can be resourceful to students rather than just leading education learning materials. Through watching the movie, I gathered more information since learning effectively due to the movie’s entertainment. It became quite unnecessary to review the movie since, through watching, I could understand the whole process of the respiratory system. The movie is a creative art that can promote quality learning in the classroom environment (Loveless, Burton & Turvey, 2006).

Through reviewing and matching the second movie, I also realize that I was so curious to watch the movie, which illustrates unethical practices among competing businesses. Teachers can emphasize unethical business practices by allowing students to watch related movies. Evaluation using watching movies enhance creativity since the image from the movies can stick in a person’s memory than writings that are associated with reviews (Ng, & Smith, 2004).


Loveless, A., Burton, J., & Turvey, K. (2006). Developing conceptual frameworks for creativity, ICT, and teacher education. Thinking Skills and Creativity1(1), 3-13.

Ng, A. K., & Smith, I. (2004). Why is there a Paradox in Promoting Creativity in the Asian Classroom?. In Creativity: When east meets west (pp. 87-112).

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