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I have uploaded Cover Letter Prompt. Please write in the format specified in the prompt. This hw is related to the one, Reflection Questions you just did. It seems that you can use the contents as they are and write them in the specified format and add a quick message to your peers: What worries you about this letter? What feedback would be most useful to you at this time? 

POST: Upload the draft of your Cover Letter here. Add a quick message to your peers: What worries you about this letter? What feedback would be most useful to you at this time?

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Cover Letter Prompt

Task: Write a 500-word letter in which you describe what you have learned about reports through the process of writing your final report for this class. Feel free to use other activities from this class to describe what you have learned about reports through the process of completing the work for the class. 


· Audience and purpose: This letter will accompany your report and it is intended for your instructor. The purpose of the letter is to reflect and report on your learning during this quarter.

· Use the format for formal letters (Links to an external site.).

· Describe your process and describe specific activities that have been useful to you in learning about reports.

· Your Revision Plans on Eli Review might be a useful place to start to think about your process of learning.

Reflection questions

Q#1: When you think back on the activities for this class, which one stands out as the most useful to you? Why?

The most effective terms and assessment were done in class was to indulge better optional strategies for saving the environment that is affecting the agricultural aspects. It is because the major production of food and other legitimate items has been the main source of the global and national food process. Somehow the better optimized and manipulated rules for discussing activities there was also another topic that stands out in cumulative assumptions. Every participant has incorporated the strategies for consuming fewer graduate terms to reconstruct the environmental stabilities. Localized governmental aspects also induce diverse activities with a less confidential data approach, integrating agricultural programs and policies.

Q#2: What have you learned about report writing that you did not know before the class?

The intellectual part of report writing induces better thinking capacity for the reconstruction of a scenario that might occur in the future. In this report writing numerous promotional writing skills were established that will help in the future to maintain data manipulation with the ordering of functional assets. Understanding the main purpose of report writing has incorporated better participation with diverse writing abilities. Much verbal communication cannot be visualized until data manipulation and strategies were discussed in report writing. The experience of writing a report has proposed functional capabilities to conclude outcome strategies. The interventions kept me for more informatics being used in report writing.

Q#3: What was your individual process writing this report like?

My process for writing this report is to incorporate the intellectual strategies with participants and data collection centers. In this report, the experience cultivates functional dynamics for collection and presenting the results. Many interventions were discussed in my report where I felt difficult how to reduce any harm and proposed solutions. Different reports have mesmerized me and allow me to rethink about writing capabilities I have. Rather than putting it all in a nutshell, guidelines statistics were also used. First data collection and manipulation have to be done during report writing, authentication, and validation of data was also used during report processing.

Q#4: How have the other assignments (annotated bibliography, audience analysis, proposal, progress report) affected your process for writing the final report?

The other report elements have affected my final report writing with unique data collection from the previous one I have written. The annotated bibliography also incorporates better options and audience analysis to assess my work till I got the results. Capturing the basic information and detail procedure had a positive impact on the final report. Intellectual deliberates also helped in the manipulation and conduction of results. These assignments also visualize what were the repetitive experiments done in the last frequent years. The use of technology and the greater aspect of new interventions also affected the final report to construct essential report elements and procedures.

Dear Sarah,

In this quarter’s UWP104 class, I have learned a lot of new skills, especially in the aspects of reviewing and writing report; besides, I have tried some new types of writing genres that I have never tried before, like the proposal memo, audience analysis, and progress report memo. Thinking back the assignments I have finished in this class, peer reviewing on Eli Review is one of the most useful activities which improving both of my reviewing and writing ability in general. In addition, the annotated bibliography and progress report memo assignments contribute a lot to my final report.

In peer reviewing, every time you will set specific content and word count requirements for the comments we give to each other, this prevents students who just write a couple of simple words randomly in order to finish tasks quickly. Besides, thanks to the step of rating comments, I was able to give out better and more helpful comments to my peers than last time. More importantly, peer reviewing gives me a lot of new ideas when I was revising my draft of each writing, for example, in the peer review of progress report, I raised my problems and worries may exist in my final report. Then my peers’ comments, they raised I can remove the option of herd immunity that I was unable to get precise information and evidence for its real impact of the COVDI-19; in addition, they suggested I can give various recommendations according to different local situations, which can solve my worries about unable to determine an absolutely good option due to their cons and pros. So nearly in of my assignments, peer reviewing do give me a lot of inspiration in writing.

In the process of finishing final reporting, which is a writing task I haven’t meet before, I understood the types of report, and the basic organization of different reports, such as the recommendation report I was working on now. Before this class, I have no understanding about it, but in this class, I learned a recommendation report needs to contain an executive summary in the beginning and recommendation in the end. When I was working on final report, it was a struggle and process, before I collected sources, I set a broad research topic, then in the process of collecting source, I found the information I can get was hard to correspond to my comparison index and support my topic in some aspects. Besides, facing the several long- form sources I collected, I was struggling with how to select the most relevant parts and organize in my report. Fortunately, annotated bibliography helped me a lot in these problems. I recorded all of the sources I have collected in my annotated bibliography, and explained why and how I will use them in my report. When I analyzed them, I found myself was hard to describe the usage of some sources in my report specially, and some of them were not corresponding to the point I want to prove precisely. This reaction made me realize that some of them may not be the most appropriate evidence to support my report arguments, and helped me screen the sources effectively. Thus, annotated bibliography helped me a lot in my process of finishing my final report.




Dear Professor Sarah

My name is Meiting Li, I am writing to reflect on my learning experience in this class. Among all the activities we did and the final report that we are doing, I think the final report is the most useful writing assignment for me as a writer in the class and even in these few years. I have done a similar format of writing, which is the research paper. However, they are different in the style of writing and the structure. This writing activity did help me a lot because we got to go through every step or stage of writing a report. In the previous writing classes, the instructors mostly required us to compose each part of the paper step by step instead of figuring out focus, writing a proposal, identifying the audience, finding resources that lead to the final writing like we are doing in this class. This process allows me to learn different types of writing and improve my ability as a writer. It is my first time writing an audience analysis and progress report memo. Through the process of writing audience analysis, I learned to narrow down my focus to determine what kind of voice I want to convey in the composition and what kind of style and content should I use in a recommendation report. The progress report memo allows me to keep track of my progress and identify my plan for future writing of the report. 

Annotated bibliography would be the most difficult part of my writing process of the final report and took the most time for me. My report’s topic considers a really recent and rare topic, so I spend a lot of time researching information/sources that relevant to my topic. This is one of the two assignments that I required for an extended deadline to finish, which did affect my other assignment as well. I had to do other writing assignments in a hurry to make sure I had enough time to finish it without affecting my future work. Though, I finished them well and following the prompt. I am not a very active person, and I am lazy, especially in finishing homework. I took each step of the writing because of the pushing of the deadline. However, I finished most of the assignments ahead of time when I had a busy plan on the due date. It makes me feel more comfortable and more time to think about writing. Compare to the writing process I experienced in previous classes, writing this report is easier than I expected because of each preparation of the report. From identifying the topic and audience to combining sources into the final report, each step plays an important role in the writing process. They help me to organize my thoughts and deepen the topic. Generally speaking, every assignment has played its role to help me engage with the writing and make me a better writer. I can see my change and progress from beginning to end as a writer and also a reviewer. 


Meiting Li

Noah Larson

San Jose, CA

December 6, 2020

Prof. Sarah Faye

UC Davis UWP Offices

Davis, CA

Dear Professor Faye,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to reflect and report on what I have learned this quarter. I will provide specific examples of how the tasks from this class helped improve my writing process and final report.

Of all the writing activities for this class, the annotated bibliography assignment stands out as being the most useful to me. This activity asked us to summarize the topic, central arguments, and methods of a formal piece of writing in one concise paragraph. Practicing this type of condensed writing was helpful for me because it taught me a new way to make sense of research articles. The evaluative portion of the bibliography also helped me think critically about what specific ideas I could pull from my sources to support my final recommendations. This activity was especially useful in developing my professional writing because I will be able to come back to this format for any future writing assignment that requires secondary research. Overall, I believe annotated bibliographies help writers convey the most important points of their research in their own words.

I have learned a lot about report writing from this class. Before this quarter, I did not realize the effect of a specific intended audience on a report’s organization and style. Now, I understand that an effective report should be tailored to the knowledge and interests of its audience. Also, the recommendations to solve a problem need to be based on what is within the audience’s power. I have also learned that approaching a large project by breaking it down into more manageable tasks keeps the work focused and productive. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I have taken away from this class is the need for report writers to establish effective drafting processes—focusing first on broad ideas, then revising the finer details.

My individual process writing this report consisted of many drafts, revisions, and time spent trying to figure out solutions. The time I spent actually seeking out evidence was much less than the time I spent synthesizing what I had read in the context of my paper’s topic. I also reduced the scope of my final report topic over the course of this class after realizing how broad the subject of sustainable education is. Learning more about my topic through research helped me refine my research questions and recommendations. I typically found myself cutting out much of what I had written in previous drafts by the time I was working on the final deliverable. Condensing my writing through the revision process helped me avoid repetitive sections and kept my work focused.

The other assignments for this class have affected my final report writing process by nudging me in the right direction little by little. Completing the annotated bibliography early on in the writing process also helped me refine my own expectations for my final report. The audience analysis allowed me to develop feasible recommendations based on what my audience could realistically be expected to do. The progress report was important for summarizing my preliminary research in a more condensed manner. I also developed a plan for completing the rest of my project while working on this progress memo which was quite helpful as I was coming to the end of my writing process.

I hope this reflection of my writing process helps provide you with the context necessary to appreciate my final report, which is attached here.

Best regards,

Noah Larson

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