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We now know that so many more things matter to employees in the workplace than organizations once did.  The challenge is achieving the capability to measure and improve the areas that matter, and there are now so many. The conversation between Alley and Robert about organizational cultural alignment, personal wellness, employee surveys (with lots of power to vary delivery structure), recognition framework from all directions, peers, leaders, and direct reports tells us how important engagement is. Finding the right platform to support all of those HR needs is not easy and can be done incorrectly. Now, what do Alley and Robert need to do to make sure they pick the best possible platform to support the most successful engagement model?

  • What are some key criteria for selecting an effective platform to support employee engagement programs for the organization?
  • What actual elements of an engagement platform as discussed by Robert and Alley are most important in your opinion?


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HR Platforms and Employee Motivation

Characteristics of HR Platforms

These announcements are intended to help you see what functionality is available in HR platforms to meet the goals of HR professionals trying to increase engagement. The focus should not be on the tools themselves, but on the characteristics of the tools and how they meet the needs of employees along the employee lifecycle.

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