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Term Paper Guidelines 

Keep these general guidelines in mind:  

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  • Students will choose one book from the following on which their term paper will be based:
  • Plimpton, G. (1966). Paper lion. New York, NW: Harper & Row. 
  • Buford, B. (1990). Among the thugs. London, England: Harvill Secker. 
  • Beard, A., & Paley, R. (2012). In the water, they can’t see you cry: A memoir. New York, NW: Simon & Schuster  
  • Robinson, J. (2003). I never had it made: An autobiography. New York, NY: Ecco Press. 
  • Students will identify a topic directly related to the book chosen (i.e. violence to self, social learning theory, etc.) 
    • Use examples and references for support and validation. Let us know where you retrieved these sources.  
  • Include background information citing news articles/websites/peer-reviewed academic journals in APA format (this includes a title page, running head, and references) 
    • Include a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed references  
  • Papers are to be a minimum of 3 FULL pages in length (excluding title page & references) 
    • 1 page must be a synopsis of the book.  This report will convey key themes, characters, and plot. 
    • 1 page must elaborate on a topic chosen from the textbook which directly correlates to a theme present in the chosen novel. 
    • 1 page must serve as a synthesis of these key themes/theories/ideas. 

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