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On June 23, 2016 U.K. citizens voted in a referendum (52 to 48%) to leave the European Union. Since the formation of the European Union in 1993, three and one-half million jobs were brought to the U.K., half of British imports were supported, and equal pay ensured for men and women and the poorest communities in the U.K. received billions in redevelopment monies. (The New Yorker, July 4, 2016, The New York Times July 3, 2016))

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1. Is there a difference between government as we understand it and the state described in the Ellwell text’s – chapter 7? Please explain.

2. There are parallels between the results of the U.K. referendum and the 2016 presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. Both have been associated with “patriotism”.  Would Robert Reich (See his Huffington Post article) agree? How would he describe these events in terms of the “State” discussed in Chapter 7 of our text?

3. Is current emphasis in western societies on national identity actually a return to tribalism? For example does the political and cultural polarization of American society fit Reich’s description of tribal divisions? Please explain.

4. Does the current call for “defunding the police” mean a dichotomous choice between policing and anarchy/lawlessness? What does it mean to you? Please explain.

5. Describe the most important thing you learned about the term “militia” in one paragraph. Is there another term that can be used in reference to Michigan’s Wolverine Watch men and similar groups calling themselves “militias”?

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