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For this assignment, you will conduct a nutritional assessment on someone who is 18 years of age or older, analyze their current diet, and provide education to improve any nutritional deficits as well as to meet their stated nutritional goals. See the document Client Assessment Assignment Guidelines for information and the grading rubric for this assignment.  No plagiarism!! APA 7th edition format 3-4 pgs. Attached you will find the 24 hr food recall and the instructions. The clients goal is to lose weight!

200NR228 Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

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Client Assessment Assignment
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Client Assessment Assignment Guidelines


Nutrition is an essential component of overall health and wellness. The registered nurse plays a key role in assessing nutritional status and educating clients on nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle, prevent nutrition related disease, and mange chronic health disorders. This assignment will focus on assessment of nutritional status, analysis of the current diet, and educating on the priority change to improve nutrition.

Course outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

1. Assess whether nutritional intake provides basic nutrients for optimal health and wellness.

2. Describe nutritional needs for optimal health and wellness for the individual.

3. Describe evidence based practice interventions and modifications in nutrition therapy that can positively influence the outcome of disease and illness.

Due date

Refer to Course Calendar for details. The Late Assignment Policy applies to this assignment.


This assignment is worth a total of 75 points


An APA formatted paper is required for this assignment. The paper should be 3-4 pages excluding the title page and reference page. A minimum of four (4) scholarly references must be used. The course textbook is the only textbook that may be used as a reference.

Preparing the assignment

A nutritional assessment will be done on a person who is at least 18 years of age.

1. Collect assessment data:

a. 24-hour recall of all foods and beverages consumed using the template

b. Anthropometric measurements (height and weight)

c. Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI)

d. Client’s identified nutritional goal/goals

2. Analyze current diet

a. Compare their current diet with current recommendations

i. Calories for their age and gender

ii. Protein

iii. Fat

iv. Carbohydrates

v. Vegetables

vi. Grains

vii. Fruit

viii. Dairy

ix. Water

b. Identify areas of excess and deficiency that need improvement

3. Education

a. Provide education based on client’s nutritional goals and result of diet analysis

b. Include 2-3 specific recommendations for each area of improvement

c. Describe the methods used the teach the client about the improvements


e. Discuss the client’s response to the teaching

Assignment criteria

Assignment CriteriaPoints%Description
Data Collection2027All required data is collected and correctly calculated
Diet Analysis2533Analyzes current diet with national dietary guidelines and recommendations in all required areas.Identifies areas of excess and deficiency in intake
Education2027Provides education for the priority area for improvement. Documents 2-3 specific recommendations and client’s response
APA Style and Presentation1013APA formatting is used with appropriate in-text citations. A minimum of 4 scholarly references are included
Total 75100

Grading Rubric

Assignment CriteriaOutstanding or Highest Level of PerformanceA (92-100%)Very Good or High Level of PerformanceB (84-91%)Competent or Satisfactory Level of PerformanceC (76-83%)Poor, Failing or Unsatisfactory Level of PerformanceF (0-75%)
Data CollectionIncludes all required items20 pointsMissing 1 required component18 pointsMissing 2 required components16 pointsMissing 3 or more required components0 – 14 points
Diet AnalysisIncludes critical analysis of all required components and identifies areas of excess and deficiency in intake25 pointsMissing analysis of 1-2 required components22 pointsMissing analysis of 3-4 required components &/or analysis is vague and difficult to follow20 pointsMissing analysis of more than 4 required components &/oranalysis is vague and difficult to follow0 – 18 points
EducationEducation reflects main area identified for improvement with all required component20 pointsEducation reflects main area identified for improvement with 1 required component missing18 pointsEducation reflects main area identified for improvement with 2 required components missing and/or education does not reflect main area identified for improvement16 pointsEducation reflects main area identified for improvement with more than 2 components missingAnd/orEducation does not reflect main area identified for improvement0 – 14 points
Presentation StyleWell written paper with no grammar issues, correct APA format and 4 scholarly references10 pointsWell written paper with less than 2 grammar errors, incorrect APA format with less than 2 errors, and/or only 3 scholarly references9 pointsPaper is not clearly presented or ideas are difficult to follow with more than 3 grammar errors, incorrect APA format with 3 or more errors, and/or only 2 scholarly references8 pointsPaper is not clearly presented or ideas are difficult to follow with more than 4 grammar errors, incorrect APA format with 4 or more errors and/or only 1 scholarly reference0 – 7 points
Total Points Possible = 75 points

24-Hour Dietary Recall Template

Person’s first and last initials: P.S. Age: 35

Date assessment was done: 12/2/2020 Date of dietary recall: 12/1/2020

TimeFood eatenDescribe the food, how it was prepared and servedServing sizeGive specific amount eatenTotal calories
Person fast until 1pm
13004 strips of bacon with 2 boiled eggs with a bottle of water2 large eggs boiled4 strips of bacon328
1700Half a turkey sandwich with 1 slice of cheese, tbsn mayo and mustard with 1 slice of lettuce with a bottle of water1 slice of wheat bread2 slices of turkey½ slice of cheeseMustardMayonnaiselettuce489
20004 oz of baked chicken, 2 cups of green beans and 1 cup of brown rice with a bottle of water4 oz chicken breasts cooked in chicken broth,2 cups of green beans from the can,Brown rice cooked in chicken broth with butter500
22001 cup of frozen grapesAbout 12 Green grapes30
NutrientsAmount consumedin 24-hour periodRecommended daily amount
Total calories13472200
Calories from proteins: Kcal and % total calories584
Calories from fats: Kcal and % total calories102
Calories from carbohydrates: Kcal and % total calories285
Vegetables (number of servings)35
Fruits (number of servings)30
Grains (number of servings)
Dairy (number of servings)
Height in inchesWeight in poundsBody Mass IndexCategory
67 inches27042.3Obese

You may add or delete rows as needed in the top portion of this template where the food and drink eaten is recorded.

After completing this template, upload it to Canvas.

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