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6 discussion posts that need to be completed. Ideally between 200-300 words each although if the thought is complete and a little shorter. It would be ok. Please see the attached document for questions. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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Business Discussion Questions
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Please respond to the following business discussion posts:

Week 7:

1.) In your opinion, are discretionary employee benefits an entitlement, or are they earned based on performance? Support your response with specific examples

2.) Outline a plan for a one-day training program that follows the Experiential Learning Model (ELM).

See example post below:


“From the scenario this week, the idea of a one-day training program is the most ideal for their training needs. The issue that needs training is effective communication within the department. To follow the experiential learning model, the training would start off with having the trainees describe a time in their lives when communication has made a bad situation worse and a time when effective communication made a bad situation better. This highlights the importance of communication for everyone in the training. I would follow this with a lecturette that discusses the different types of communication that can be effective in different situations, such as confrontational, hostile or passive. Once the material was covered, the trainees would then break into pairs and showcase the different types of communication styles that would work in different situations. This allows the employees to test their grasp of the concept and to showcase the material for the other trainees who may not have fully understood that concept. The next step of the ELM is generalization. Effective communication is essential in any career field and is even vital in personal relationships. The information learned in the training can be used in all facets of life. As a trainer, I would have the trainees mention certain situations they can see themselves using this information outside of the workplace and perhaps which style of communication they look forward to trying. Lastly, the employees would take this information and apply it to a new experience that is focused closely to their workplace. There have been mentions in the …

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