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Length & Form Requirements: 3-4 typewritten, double-spaced pages (quality valued over length); your word processer should have 1 inch margins, and your font size should be 12. Please save your paper as a Word document or a PDF document. You will be forwarding your paper to me as an attachment to your email Please use either APA or MLA formatting. Due Date: Please forward it to me by email on or before Friday, November 20, 2020.

Description of the Assignment:

Your instructor wants students to have additional experiences familiarizing themselves in the use of reputable “subject- indexed” reference data bases, particularly those available to PCC students who properly log-in on our PCC library website. These indexes can be used to find media-based articles on most topics in psychology and developmental psychology that interest you. A couple of respected data bases available through our Library are: (1) “EBSCOhost (combined)” (the most comprehensive of the two) and (2) “ProQuest (combined)”. EBSCOhost (combined) includes PsycArticles (a professional psychology reference data base). There are other data bases, but for this assignment I would like you to use one or both. A google search is easy, but the references gotten through such a search may vary from very reputable sources to quite unreliable and misleading sources.

Society is in the midst of an “information explosion”. It is not possible to read books on every topic that interests you. It is more manageable to read a magazine, journal, or newspaper article on topics that interest you, if you know how to find them.

Find two articles on your chosen psychological subject through use of one or both of the above reputable data bases. The articles you select must be magazine, journal, or newspaper articles of 4-6 pages published within the last three years. Write a paper as described below.

I. For the magazine, journal, or newspaper articles, please be sure to give me the information from the data base reference search you used to locate your articles. That is, at the end of the report you must provide me with the actual entry from the results of your data base search that you used to locate the two articles. A verbatim copy of the reference or a print-out of it is required.

II. Summarize the main points and/or central themes of the two articles you read. Tell me a little about the author (s), if that information is provided and/or the organizations with which they are affiliated. Also, tell me about the “importance”, and/or implications of the general topic of your report, as suggested by the author or organization; etc.

III. Personally react to what you have just read and summarized. I would like to know why you selected the articles that you did. You might want to relate the ideas in the article to your own life experience; relate the ideas to the content of other publications you have read; take issue with or commend the author’s logic and/or methods; or state and defend any opinions that you hold that are different from those of the author’s. Support any generalizations with evidence.

This reaction section of your report should be written in the first person. Include such phrases as “I agree” or “I disagree”; “in my opinion”; “my experience has been”; “I could relate to what was said because”; “I felt”; “I believe”; etc.

Reminder: Be sure to pick a topic that is of special interest to you and is something you would like to learn more about and is related to general topics covered in Psychology 21. If in doubt, ask your instructor. Good Luck!

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