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Tyler Bailey Chapters 9-10

Globalization has done many things to change the way our world works today. It has brought so many people together and has helped us advance our technologies even further. While it has done many great things for our world as a whole many make the argument that globalization hurts the environment more than it should. Globalization has caused an increase in the consumption of products meaning that more products must be produced which puts a heavy strain on the environment. This also leads to more transport for these products which increases the size of our carbon footprint. Now, because of globalization, people no longer eat locally grown and produced food which means they now need to get said products from other countries which puts a lot of strain on non-renewable resources such as gasoline. This rising level of pollution is dangerous and if not taken care of can have devastating lasting effects on the world as we know it. This isn’t to say that deglobalization is the answer though, because it may be worse. Like I said earlier globalization has brought about new technologies that can be spread from country to country making them more technologically advanced. With these new technologies countries have new opportunities open up to them that they didn’t have before, new ways to help serve the environment in a possible way. Deglobalization would mean that this would no longer be an option. All in all though I believe that states will always act in their own self interests which is why I believe we need to create a system that would make it so that helping yourself helps others, which is why I believe states are more likely to cooperate and enact visible and sustainable action regarding things that benefit them so it doesn’t really matter what that something is. Maybe one day it’s human rights and the next its environmental issues it all depends on the wants and needs of that specific state.

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Danndara Lopes Discussion 9-10

Globlization and enviormental change work hand an hand. One postive that comes from the two is that globlization can possibly help developing countries, by spreading enviormentally friendly technologies and ideas that have formed from developed countries. This will help the enviorment in the end and is made possible because of globlization. “Put differently, if a developing country imports goods from a more enviromentally efficient country, their overall emissions relative to GDP tend to be lower (Perkins). Unfortunately globlization is kind of like a domino falling. Eventually it makes everything fall down as well. Globlization has had a huge effect on the enviorment. One big negative is the current effects that are happening on the planet. There is already a problem arising that makes it difficult to grow crops. Which will eventualy lead to scarcity in food supply. Their is also a huge change in the oceans and amount of fish in the seas. “Predicts that globalization will be partially to blame for the introduction of new diseases to particular region” (Nichols). All these huge problems grow bigger by the day, while globalization takes a big part of the blame. I beileve that states are more likely to enact visable and sustainable action regarding human rights issue as opposed to enviormental issue. I believe this because they are most likely to do what benefits them in the long run. They are obviously aware of whats happening and choose to do little about it because; one it will affect their money in a way human rights wont, and two many people arent pushing the pressing matter of the enviorment as much as they do for certain human rights

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