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need a movie critique of wizard of the oz. there is an example attached and also a how to write it is attached


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Metropolis, It Happened One Night, Gone with the Wind or the Wizard of Oz, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Singin’ in the Rain

 Choose one of the films above and answer the questions below. Include the number and

question in the paper.

 Use photographs to help illustrate your point. Screen grabs are great.

 You will receive an extra 10 points if you include embedded citations for research – for example citing our text (Ruiz-Esparza, 42) and a separate Works Cited page at the end of your paper (MLA Format). At least 5 resources are required. One must be a physical book and one maybe our text. Websites and DVD’s are acceptable.

 Check the sample critique of The Matrix for format and depth of answer.

 This critique should be typed in size 12 font, double spaced and no less than 6 pages in length.

 Save your critique as a Word Doc not a pdf. Submit it in our Canvas class at the end of Module 2 and email me a copy as a backup. It helps prove you turned it in on time. [email protected]

 Name your critique in the following format: Last Name_First Name_CWID_Name of Film – (Smith_Joe_12345678_Metropolis)

Film Title 1. List the names: (5 pts)

Director – First Name and Last Name Complete Character Name – Actor’s First Name and Last Name Complete Character Name – Actor’s First Name and Last Name (Check IMBD.com. Spelling counts)

2. Give a plot synopsis. (10 pts)

(Describe the story by naming the leading characters and major action in one page)

3. What was the theme or underlying message? (5 pts) (State in 1 stand-alone sentence that does not begin with “the theme is”. State the theme as a complete idea then defend it in the next paragraph)

4. Discuss one symbol. (5 pts)

(State as “this symbolizes that” then explain what it represented and why it was important to the film in the next paragraph.)

5. What choices were made in the placement of the camera and why? (3 pts – each 21 pts total)

(Choose one specific example of each camera choice and separate each choice into an individual paragraph. Beneath the photographic example begin with the definition of the specific camera angle or shot length then in a subsequent paragraph describe how it was used and why (what emotional impact this choice has on the audience). Refer back to Chapter 2 – Vocabulary for camera angle/shot length and their emotional relationship with the audience.)

Give specific examples of the use of: Long Shot: High Angle: Dolly or Crane: Medium Shot: Low Angle: Close-up Shot: Eye Level Angle:mailto:[email protected]

6. How did the visual elements reinforce the theme? (6 pts each – 24 pts total) Choose a photo from the film specific to each element. Beneath each photo define the specific visual element (for example: scenery is…). Then discuss what choices were made for each element in detail using design terminology like line, shape, color, texture, mass and rhythm and why it was used based on the audience’s emotional relationship to these design elements. DO NOT DESCRIBE THE ACTION IN THE SCENE. Cite 1 specific example for each element in individual paragraphs. Refer back to Chapter 10 – Design for how to describe each visual element and their emotional relationship with the audience.

Give specific examples of the use of: Scenery: Props:

Costumes: Lighting

7. Discuss how this film addresses social responsibility. (15 pts) Your answer to this question will be submitted to COAT the (Core Objective Assessment Team). This

faculty team will assess whether you have addressed all the criteria below. The answer to this specific question must be 1-2 pages in length (no longer than 3). Answer all parts of this question.

Understand the characteristics of communities and/or cultures  State one social issue that is addressed in this film. How is it reinforced throughout?

(problems in class system, social prejudice, racial prejudice, self vs greater good)

 Identify two groups represented in the film (wealthy/poor, men/women, parents/children, black/white, officers/enlisted men, etc.)

 Articulate the history, perspectives, beliefs, traditions, or needs of each group involved. Make certain to address both. How have these led to differences in how the groups behave?

Recognize Principles of Social or Civic Responsibility  Provide in-depth discussion of how societal issues affect these groups

Address Influence of Social Principles  Social elements can include, but are not limited to: history, religious beliefs, politics,

communication style, economy, etc.

 Thoroughly address how these social elements influence behavior and decision making.

Impact of Social Engagement  Discuss the impact of personal/social actions on these groups. Dig deep.

8. Critique the film using Goethe’s three questions. (15 pts) Discuss each question in a separate paragraph that begins with the question. Collectively the three answers should be at least 1 page in length. These require research. Refer back to Chapter 1- Introduction for suggestions.

What was the artist trying to do?

 Name the Director as the artist. Restate the theme and discuss why this theme was important to this director and the audience of his time like Frank Capra and the Great Depression, or Michael Curtiz and World War II.

How well did he do it?  In this section you need to discuss how the director accomplished his objective. What did

he do with the plot, the design, the casting and the camera choices that reinforced his theme? Be specific. Also include any new technologies, music, editing or directing styles that were invented for this film like the Schüfftan Process or Frank Capra’s tightening of editing.

Was it worth doing?  Address the cultural, historical and technological significance of this film. What awards

did it win? Most importantly include your personal opinion of it – what you liked and what you didn’t.

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