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Home Energy
Israel Nelson Rhea Gayles Yolanda
Natural Gas
Fuel Oil
Israel Nelson Rhea Gayles Yolanda
Cars pre Household 2 2 2 2 1
Regular maint. on car YES YES YES YES YES
Miles per year 19000 26044 7200 20000 480
Gas Mileage per gallon 30 14 27.5 30 30
Israel Nelson Rhea Gayles Yolanda
Avg waste emission people 2 4 3 2 1
lbs of CO2 1383 2266 1202 1383 962
CO2 saved by recycling 582 0 871 403 291
My Household’s Carbon Footprint
Israel Nelson Rhea Gayles Yolanda
household size 2 2600 2400 2 1
carbon footprint 8740 9227 32185 42906 17242
Largest contribution carbon footprint Home Emergy Home Emergy Home Emergy Transportation Transportation

For this project, you will use the class data posted in the “Shared Data” Discussion containing the Week 3 Carbon Footprint Data Tables. 

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This data project will address Course Outcomes 1 and 3:

· interpret quantitative information to determine effects of human activity on the environment and to evaluate environmentally sustainable decisions

· effectively communicate and use scientific evidence regarding human impact on the environment with emphasize on sustainability and global citizenship


This data project will be composed of two parts.  In Part I of your report, you will compile class data from the Week 3 Eco Moment on our Carbon Footprints (found in the “Shared Data” Discussion, under Carbon Footprint Data) and summarize/analyze it with Excel (or similar spreadsheet program).  Discuss what trend(s) you see in the class data that relate to course concepts.  Think about the best way to present your findings–tabular or graphical form?  There is no “right answer” here, as long as you pick a format that highlights your main findings and support your table(s) and/or graph(s) with clear text that interpret the results.  Do any of the findings surprise you?  Why or why not? 

In Part II, you will research and discuss possible solutions to the environmental problems reflected in the class data. Here, you will want to support your argument with reliable, scientific resources (e.g., peer-reviewed scientific papers, white papers, and government websites). Be sure to end with a strong concluding paragraph that summarizes the main data trend(s), along with the merits and relevance of your chosen solution(s).


The page limit for your written report for both Part I and Part II is 2 pages, plus 1 page for the data table/graph(s) you use to present your findings in Part I.  The page limit does not include an optional title page, the reference list, and the appendix with the raw class data. The report should be double-spaced with one-inch margins all around and use a 12-pt font.

Here is the order in which to present the various project components:

1. Part I = describe the class data we collected, include the methodology, relevant web tool (if applicable), the mean and sample size for each result, table/graph(s) that depict the main findings and/or trends; interpret the table/graph(s) for the reader

2. Part II = summarize research on possible solutions; be sure to incorporate reliable in-text citations and focus on relevant, attainable solutions

3. Reference List

4. Appendix of Raw Data = screenshot or copy in the Excel table showing all the class data (no analysis or mean)

Carbon Footprint Data Table
Home Energy
Primary heating source (select one):______ Natural Gas___X___ Electricity______ Fuel Oil______ Propane
Number of vehicles per household: ___2___
Perform regular maintenance on vehicle(s): __already do___
Total miles you drive with all your vehicles: ___19000___ miles per ______ (year)Average gas mileage of all your vehicles: ___30___ miles per gallon(Tip: For total miles driven add up miles driven with each vehicle; for average gas mileage of all vehicles, add up individual average gas mileages for each vehicle and divide by the number of vehicles)
Average waste emissions for a household of __2____ people: ____1383________ lbs of CO2
CO2 emissions saved by recycling: _______582_____ lbs of CO2
My Household’s Carbon Footprint
My household size: __2____
My household’s current carbon footprint is __8,740____ lbs.
The largest contributor to my household’s carbon footprint is (select one):_X___ Home Energy      ______ Transportation      ______ Waste

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