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The Science of Steroids (Links to an external site.)
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The Dirtiest Race in History (Links to an external site.)

Do you know anyone who has had any type of experiences with Steroids (for non-medical purposes) or other performance enhancing drugs? If so, discuss. Regardless of your job, if you could take an illegal pill that would make you better at it than anyone else and a multi-millionaire, would you consider taking it? Why? Why not? As a culture, Americans tend to be outraged when baseball players are caught taking steroids, yet care very little when it comes to football players. Why?

200 words or more

AFTER: Complete the file below and respond to the 3 classmates each individual; 50 words or more

Respond to these 3 classmates, saying what you liked and agreed with what they wrote. 50-75 words

1. As a huge sports fan and someone who truly loves baseball, I hear the argument every day “steroids ruin the game, if you take steroids you’re a cheater.” Blah, blah. Steroids are a double edge sword, and my discussion will discuss them. I can recall two occasions in high school where two of my acquaintances took steroids. Ironically one was a baseball player and another one was a regular weightlifter. The baseball player took it for medicals reasons because he wasn’t developing enough that he could play baseball, so that’s understandable and I could see why he needed them. The weightlifter acquaintance took PED’s just for the fun of it, and let me tell you it backfired real quick. He did get stronger, but his mood swings were through the roof, his acne was out of control, and he told me his sex drive wasn’t as high as it uses to be, so for steroids, I see the medical benefits but I also see the possibility for people to abuse them. Now If I would take an Illegal pill that would make me better than everyone else, would I take it? I big yes, one hundred percent I would take it and not look back. Why give up that opportunity, It’s a no brainer. I would obviously be humble and give away a boat-load of money. Lastly, why Americans get mad at baseball players for taking steroids and not football players. It’s a simple answer, Baseball has been around since 1839 and the rules of baseball for the most part have not changed since then. So most people will get mad because they believe steroids are tainting the game or ruining the game. People will say “Babe Ruth hit 714 Hr’s and he didn’t take steroids.” Well, yeah no duh steroids weren’t around in those times. I’m pretty sure people in that era would also take It if they had the chance. 

2.  I grew up racing bicycles like the legendary cheater himself, Lance Armstrong. I even got to see him race a qualifier in Colorado back in 2009. He was my hero for sure, but that changed when I found out that his VO2 max was only possibly if that person was doing steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. Lance would obliviously denied all the claims against him even though his cycling strength was unheard of but he eventually admitted to it which made him one of the most infamous cheaters in history. I grew up racing around a lot of people that did performance enhancing drugs, even though those people never admitted to it, they did very sketchy things that would lead someone to the conclusion that they did like, they wouldn’t do a drug test after they finished top 5 in a race, They get very strong in just a few weeks and one of my friends I raced with even started lactating after a hard ride. It wasn’t a lot but he said he use to do steroid back when he would lift weights making him lactate ever since. I never planned to take steroid do to the negative effects it has on your body but I think blood doping is fine and also Nirtos9 gas (I think that’s what it’s called) would be something I would do. Blood doping is something that cancer patient use to put more healthy oxygenated blood back in your body. I have heard that if a regular person does it that it is very beneficial to your health and for cyclist it helps them to breath better because more blood means more oxygen which makes you much faster on a bicycle. The N9 gas I have also heard is natural and makes your oxygen level increase to perform better on the bike. I have heard that both of these thing can extend the length of your life by 10 years. Don’t quote me though.  People are angry at baseball players when they take it because the game is not far and they take away someone’s dream of becoming a player because they used steroids. They break all kinds of records like for example Barry Bonds, he broke plenty of home run records and since they found out he cheated they put an * by his name in the baseball hall of fame. Football is much different in that it is a team sport but the quarterback is the one that really uses more skill, logic to move the ball up so I don’t think the quarterback needs steroids. The linemen probably do because they are the biggest men in the gain and that what fans want to see. Big juiced up steroid using linemen to hold/push back the other team.

3. There have been some professional athlete’s that have used steroids and there have also been athlete’s in college and in high school that have used steroids as well. I personally don’t know anyone that has ever used steroids before, steroids are used to help resemble the natural hormones in a person’s body. I don’t agree with steroids because your body works on it’s on so why put something into your body when you don’t know what effects it will have on it you just never know. I honestly wouldn’t won’t some pill thats illegal that would make me better than anyone else or a multi millionaire it would be like playing Russian roulette to me how will I know if my body will respond correctly to this illegal drug? Will this drug truly make me better or could I possibly die or have serious complications from it you just don’t know. Those would be my thoughts yes it would be awesome to beat or even be better than someone thats a multi millionaire but is it worth my life nope not at all and who’s to say after taking this illegal drug I don’t get addicted to it, now I’m in even more trouble and causing my body more harm. I feel as though with baseball it isn’t as popular as football so a lot of people either don’t care or they are not fully aware of the outrage. Whether it’s football, baseball, soccer or swimming honestly any sport no one should be taking steroids if your craft in that sport is really good then it will show automatically not with the enhancement of steroids. 

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