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College of Business Administration Department of Management and Marketing

1 University of Bahrain – College of Business Administration – MKT264 – Course Project


Semester I – 2020/2021

Course Project (20%)

Marketing Case Analysis

Group Size: (4-5 students)

You are requested to develop a detailed analytical report on a ‘Marketing Case Analysis’ for

any existing product/service you have to choose from the real-life Global business

environment. The chosen product/service MUST be available at local as well as international

markets. The report should address the following issues and requirements:

1. The nature of the product’s/service’s features, characteristics and functions.

2. The market segmentation, target market and positioning statement of the product/service.

3. Develop marketing research to explore customers’ feedback and product image; besides, to realize

their needs, requirements and preferences regarding this product/service market offerings. (at least

20 respondents required for this survey)

4. Identify the marketing strategy that this product/service adopts to compete in its business


5. Investigate the international marketing policy of this product/service.

6. Explore the CRM policy adopted by this product/service.

7. Explore business partners that this product/service collaborate with to enhance its market


8. Address how digital and social media enhances the promotion and marketing performance of

this product/service.

9. Inspect the integrated marketing mix elements of this product/service.

10. Examine the code of ethics and market conduct adopted by the firm to maintain a sustainable

marketing effort.



College of Business Administration Department of Management and Marketing

2 University of Bahrain – College of Business Administration – MKT264 – Course Project

Report Structure

Element Explanation

Title page Unit code and title, tutor’s name, report title and purpose, your name and

student number. Check your Learning Guide to find out what information you

need to include here.

Table of contents A list of sections and subsections indicating which page each section begins

on (usually only needed for longer reports of 10 pages or more). Each section

and subsection is numbered in a cascading way, e.g., Section 2 has three

subsections, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3. Use a numbered list in your word processing

program to create the Table of Contents.

List of


and/or glossary

A list of any abbreviations, acronyms or technical terms you use in your

report. This should be on a separate page in your report.

Executive summary A brief overview of the whole report that stands alone and does not refer to

the report the way an abstract would. The purpose of the executive summary

is so a reader who doesn’t have time to read the whole report can find all the

important information ‘at a glance’. You should summarize each section of

the report in one or two sentences, with any recommendations often given in

full (see Brick 2011, p. 165 for an example). Check your assignment

instructions for word length.

Introduction Introduces the topic and its background and significance, identifies the

specific problem within that topic area that you are investigating, previews

the sections of the report, and defines any important terms used.

Body Treatment of the problem is divided up into different aspects (e.g., definition

of the problem, analysis of its features, stages, and/or causes, and proposals

for different ways of approaching or managing the problem or situation). The

body section must address all the 10 required points above.

Conclusion Summarizes the report’s main points. There is no new information here since

each idea or piece of information should already have been introduced in the

body of the report.

Recommendations Presents specific suggestions for action that arise from the analysis and

findings of the report.


(singular: appendix;

If you have any large tables, figures, or other material that is too long for your

report but is necessary for the reader to be able to refer to while reading your


College of Business Administration Department of Management and Marketing

3 University of Bahrain – College of Business Administration – MKT264 – Course Project

plural: appendices) report, you should include these as appendices at the end of the report. Each

one should be numbered and given a title to tell the reader what it contains.

They should be included in the Table of Contents as well.

Report Formatting

A report should be as easy to read as possible, so you need to take some care with how you

present it on the page. Follow any formatting guidelines given in your Learning Guide or by

your lecturer/tutor, and keep the following points in mind:

1) The report should be developed in a (10,000-word, “Calibri” font type, 12 pnt. size, 1.5 line

spacing) format.

2) Keep section headings short and informative.

3) Make sure section headings stand out so the reader can easily skim the report to find

the information they most want to know.

4) Leave at least one line of white space between sections and elements.

5) Number all the pages.

General Instructions:

▪ Resources of ideas can be found through the Internet web, textbook, specialized books, magazines and any other publications.

▪ Supporting the report with advertisements models, marketing messages, or any graphic visual aids will be appreciated.

▪ Reports should be prepared by using a computer, and any hand-written papers won’t be accepted.

▪ Projects must be developed by the “Doc” file, in addition, powerpoint presentation slides, associated with the answered questionnaires from the respondents of the market research.

▪ The group members should comprehend the chapters concerning skills of the marketing management and all its techniques and apply these skills concurrently with the chapters discussed in the class.

▪ The final reports should be submitted before the date of 12/12/2020 to the Blackboard©

platform. ▪ Online presentation sessions will take place during the period of 13-24/12/2020


College of Business Administration Department of Management and Marketing

4 University of Bahrain – College of Business Administration – MKT264 – Course Project

Assessment Rubric

TRAIT Unacceptable

[0-1] Acceptable

[2-3] Exemplary


Identifies and Summarizes problem at issue

Does not identify and summarize the problem, is confused or identifies a different or inappropriate problem

Identifies the main problem and subsidiary, embedded, or implicit aspects of the problem

Identifies not only the basics of the issue but recognizes nuances of the issue.

Logic and organization

Does not develop ideas cogently, uneven and ineffective overall organization, unfocused introduction or conclusion

Develops unified and coherent ideas within the paragraph with generally adequate transitions; clear overall organization relating most ideas together, good introduction and conclusion.

Develops ideas cogently, organizes them logically with paragraphs and connects them with effective transition. Clear and specific introduction and conclusion

Knowledge Simply repeats facts listed in case and does not discuss the relevance of these facts

Considers facts from the case and cities related knowledge from theoretical or empirical research

Discusses facts of the case in relation to empirical and theoretical research and add knowledge from personal experience

Language Uses words that are unclear, sentence structures inadequate for clarity, errors are seriously distracting

Words forms are correct, sentence structure is effective. Presence of a few errors is not distracting

Develops concise standard English sentences, balances a variety of sentences structures effectively

Presentation Does not have grasp of information and cannot answer questions about subject; shows no interest in topic presented, shows little or mixed feelings about the topic being presented.

Has somewhat clear purpose and subject; some examples, facts, and/or statistics that support the subject; includes some data or evidence that supports conclusions

Demonstrates full knowledge by answering all class questions with explanations and elaboration; Provides clear purpose and subject; pertinent examples, facts, and/or statistics ; supports conclusions/ideas with evidence

Total (20)


College of Business Administration Department of Management and Marketing

5 University of Bahrain – College of Business Administration – MKT264 – Course Project


Students are expected to follow the university rules and regulations regarding plagiarism and citation

procedures. Students are expected to provide the list of references in any classwork they submit.

Therefore, all received reports will be checked by the SafeAssign feature of the Blackboard platform

for the originality and authentication test and hence reports will be graded accordingly. Hence, the

following scheme will be applied to all received reports:

– A maximum of 10% similarity content will be allowed.

– If >10%-20%>, a (10 marks) will be deducted from the report final grade.

– If 20%<, the report will be entirely REJECTED, and (NO Mark) will be given.

Other Elements of Assessment

• Creative Idea.

• The logic behind the findings of the analysis.

• The way the project will be presented; questions handling, and teamwork coordination.

• The overall methodology used for handling the project.

• The contribution of each member of the group will be assessed through direct questions to

him/her and through the discussion with the instructor upon the presentation session.

 Good Luck

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