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I have attached discussion.

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Discussion 1


There are three types of conflicts that are discussed in the textbook. They are process conflict, task conflict, and relationship conflict.

Task conflict:

 Task conflict is the conflict that will occur in the workplace and about the work assignment. When a misunderstanding about any work happens this conflict will occur. This is mainly seen in organizations among teams or with managers. When one will give disagreement with the other’s work then it comes under task conflict.

Relationship conflict:

Relationship conflict is one of the conflicts which are the differences between two close people. The major differences occur due to personal responsibility as the other person will expect from the partner. There is no proper understanding then there will be a conflict. (Turner, 2016)

Process conflicts:

When there is any process deviation in the work this type of process conflict will occur  .there is no personal differences in this type of conflict but conflict with the process will make the difference.

In my team, there was an incident that happened between me and my team leader. As there was a miscommunication between us due to the process deviation. My team leader asked me to deviate the process but that eventually blame for doing that deviation. I have not agreed for deviation so there was a conflict between us. I asked him to mail the same so that will be an official statement but he did not want to do so he started arguing. This conflict settled after I complained to my manager about it. This type of conflict will regularly happen in the teams as one wants to influence the other person.(Shortland et al., 2019)


Creativity in groups:

The the group has to encourage the creativity of the individual persons in the group to build good team relationships. If the team members encourage the individual it will be a motivation to all the members of the group. All the members will try to showcase their skills for the improvement in the organization. This will help in increasing productivity.


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Discussion 2

Part 1: Conflict within Teams

Conflict administration can be a solid method to open up lines of correspondence, start critical thinking and examine change. Knowing how to best oversee conflict can have numerous advantages for a gathering and pioneer. As a rule, conflict in the working environment just is by all accounts an unavoidable truth. We’ve all observed circumstances where distinctive individuals with various objectives and requirements have clashed. Also, we’ve all observed the frequently extreme individual ill will that can result. The way that conflict exists, nonetheless, isn’t really a terrible thing: As long as it is settled viably, it can prompt individual and expert development. Much of the time, compelling conflict goals can have the effect amongst positive and negative results.

This style indicates a willingness to meet the needs of others at the expense of the person’s own needs. The accommodator often knows when to give in to others, but can be persuaded to surrender a position even when it is not warranted. This person is not assertive but is highly cooperative. Accommodation is appropriate when the issues matter more to the other party, when peace is more valuable than winning, or when you want to be in a position to collect on this “favor” you gave.

Conflict in the workplace can be incredibly destructive to good teamwork. Managed in the wrong way, real and legitimate differences between people can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in situations where co-operation breaks down and the team’s mission is threatened. This is particularly the case where the wrong approaches to conflict resolution are used. To calm these situations down, it helps to take a positive approach to conflict resolution, where discussion is courteous and non-confrontational, and the focus is on issues rather than on individuals. If this is done, then, as long as people listen carefully and explore facts, issues and possible solutions properly, conflict can often be resolved effectively (Chen, M. H., Chang, Y. C., & Hung, S. C. ,2008)

Part 2: Creativity in Teams

Creativity is basic in a business situation of nonstop and quickening change. To exceed contenders, organizations require Creative groups to create energizing new thoughts from an item or administration improvement point of view. This is fundamental in outsmarting contending firms. Be that as it may, you likewise require imaginative personalities to devise approaches to do errands all the more effectively, increment efficiency and hence present upper hand. Creativity helps deliver a dream that is energizing. A dream that everybody can become tied up with and grow new answers for old business issues.

Building up a group that is different is another essential advance in expanding creativity in the business. As Stanford Business reports, having a totally homogenous group can execute creativity. At the point when everybody thinks a similar way it is hard to produce new thoughts. Assorted variety is center to creativity. This could be assorted variety of age, sex, race or different contrasts. Enlisting individuals that are not quite the same as each other and who can convey something new to the group will support creativity. While this level of assorted variety may not appear to energize struggle, it at last makes less new thoughts. It’s smarter to have some contention and deal with this through successful help aptitudes, than to not have any imaginative thoughts. This is one motivation behind why assistance is essential: to support creativity through clash (Kurtzberg, 2005).


Kurtzberg, T. R. (2005). Feeling creative, being creative: An empirical study of diversity and creativity in teams. Creativity Research Journal17(1), 51-65.

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Discussion 3

Part 1

Not all the people have the same tastes, beliefs and attitude. accordingly, when there is a group of people there is no chance that they all like the same one. Different people involved will have different tastes and opinions, and then there starts a conflict and the reason may be in the form of improper communication, gender differences and so on. There are a lot of examples of conflicts that arise in the organization. And those occur with different reasons and misunderstandings. For example, there was a contract for the organization which is a long one and organization have to decide on how to complete it, they have started a meeting and the discussion was going on and one of the employees has not supported with the decision and he stood up and spoke about that, then the manager has become aggressive because of the employee. Voices have raised which led to conflict and then the whole team manager i.e HR came to the meeting and sorted out the problem by making them understand everything.(Turner, 2016)

Part 2

Creativity means the ability to introduce new ideas and techniques so by that you can be recognized by your company for the work you have done. Creativity can be developed by having open communications, by doing the work on your own and explaining the other employees about their work will develop them to increase their creativity. And also Conflicts can lead to creativity i.e. when a conflict arises then the conflicts make the other people gather more information about the reason for conflict and in the time they can gain more alternators which makes their creativity levels to increase. Finding alternatives for the problem can make the employees improve and build up their creativity.


MAZRA, M. (2017). ENTREPRENEURIAL TEAM DIVERSITY AND NEW VENTURE PERFORMANCE IN CAMEROON: THE MODERATING EFFECT OF CONFLICTS. International Journal Of Innovation Management, 21(04), 1750038. https://doi.org/10.1142/s1363919617500384

van der Kamp, M., & Tjemkes, B. (2014). How Leaders can Prevent Conflicts in International Joint Venture Teams: A Team Faultline Approach. Academy Of Management Proceedings, 2014(1), 16365. https://doi.org/10.5465/ambpp.2014.16365abstract

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