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Indigenous issues Governance Environment Child issues Youth issues Disaster prevention & response

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There Has been increases cases of child abuse and youth related challenge inn the community

Information technology has been adopted as an agent of change in the community development process

the extended framework comes along with technology response approach as a mitigation plan and prevention mechanims

We need them to be sheltered from savagery and ailment; we need neighborhoods that are alive and that function admirably. Furthermore, we might all want to have individuals who care for us and whom we trust. It’s an integrated a wide range of elements that act as the building block of the scope of change

Factors such as organ satin and modern leadership is a key beneficiary I.T (Chard, 2016).


Location -Guatemala

The research is based on based on the central America contextual framework and analysis

In the wider scope, the region has experienced abuse of power and poor governance for a period.

The international community and stakeholder should therefore narrow down to key policy that will boost its sustainability

Governance issue and environment

prevailing government policy and environment; biasness has caused the havoc and the prevailing challenges that we are facing today.

Business and corporate organization heavy relies on this technology in day to day activity

Lack of defined infrastructure has affected the nature of service delivery and access of services

We presently have a standard of the major questions for every partner. The following stage is to choose the ones that you can reasonably adjust and create focused on systems to change them


Child abuse and I.T response framework

Increased child exposure and disaster can be handled using technology response framework

in this case, Technology-based infrastructure is research-based

It incorporates attributes that the community requires

In this case, they should therefore consider element and scope of change

Stakeholders and another key baseline should be considered use I.T ad a response process

Communitarian associations are a ground-breaking approach to improve our networks. To improve our networks, we should all cooperate to tackle issues. This is the building block hat comes along the way of expertise.


Community change process

  I.T. act and play a critical role in the modern development and transformation of a community

empowerment and workshop should be used to power effective and advanced discussions that will change the community notions and behavior.

Some of the key factors that should always be adhered to are her safe, secure, and a well-controlled credible change plan (Rice & Elliott, 2017).

Safety and control mechanims should be incorporated in a great way

A wide assortment of factors impact change in com-munities: history, point of view, trust levels, character, presumptions, commu-nication levels, limit with regards to change, training, and financial levels—to give some examples.


Making a difference imitative

Community-based change is diverse and young generation should be preserved from the purpose of a better tomorrow

It incorporates the social and economic-based approaches

On the fairground, I.T. has a key empowerment process that ensures data and other related processes are enhanced;

besides, it brings about social wellbeing and mystifying factors that promote community upbringing (Hellen, 2019).

Making a great difference is basically based on merit and strategic plan processes. In this case, making a difference I the community should be based on typical merit


ICT technology that addresses change

There is a key element that should be addressed in the change process

social media platforms should be used to protect the interest of the young generations.

Communication is one of the change measures that should be powered in the right way.

Work delivery and use of automated based machinery have been put in bold.

Transports and logistic is an added element that heavily relies on scopes of change

As the term is utilized in this structure, ICT incorporates a wide assortment of innovations, including PCs and programming learning apparatuses. In this case, security iinfrastracture has been powered to bring about a successful control process.


Stakeholders and response team

Various stakeholders should come along in the change process.

The education sector should be used as an agent of change in the due processes.

government should be actively involved as part of the the extended responsibility and care process

Government and community leaders should also be part of the change processes (Chard, 2016).

Online platforms should be embraced to monitor and investigate cases that undermine young generation and the children

, organizing frameworks and conventions, hand-held computerized gadget and associated element that comes along include the community development process. Inn the wider scope stakeholders are the virtue based pe0ocessa that support advanced infrastructure


I.T. based tool used tools used as an agent of change

Use of computer ad application system can be used to share the information

Online based platforms and media is a source of information empowerment

Community sensitization program

The entire approach should occur in a sustainable and effective environment that is the cause of change and its role in society (Hellen, 2019).

Change specialists are people inside associations who impact change without having direct authority over individuals who are experiencing the change.



Information technology can be of great importance and a response tool.

Besides, the environment should be the guiding roadmap in every situation and this include care for the young people and children

Social structure and values should effectively be integrated into the technology based community change process (Hellen, 2019)

law and policy should also be enhanced as response tool

There is a defined process that bring about a community change. Change operators are the individuals in their associations who see how change functions – or if nothing else how it should function.



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