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Prior To Working On This Assignment, You Are To Access The TX Sex Offender Supervision Guidelines On The Web. You Will Be Expected To Read/Review Those Guidelines Before Beginning This Assignment

You are an Austin Texas Specialized Caseload officer tasked with supervising a sex Offender caseload. Today, Elmer Fudd is reporting to you after being released from prison yesterday. He met his reporting requirement by reporting within 24hours of release. While Elmer is in the waiting room, you are reviewing his file and discover the following:
1. Elmer’s offense for which he has spent the last ten years in prison is indecency with a child. He is living at the previously approved parole plan with his Mother. His immediate neighborhood has been advised of his residency. 2. Elmer’s victim was a six-year-old neighbor boy (who no longer resides in the neighborhood), He admits to forcing the child to have oral sex with him. Elmer was eighteen years old at the time of the offense and his defense was intoxication.3. Elmer has an IQ of 76. He has completed the 7th grade. Elmer’s demeanor is one of outward cooperation to authority. He has two brothers living in Austin. Both brothers have jobs and a family, including preteen children. The brothers support Elmer’s release from prison.4. Although Elmer does not have a driver license, he does live within one block of a bus line. Elmer’s mother intends to support him financially until he secures employment. Elmer has no job skills.
Your assignment is to formulate a parole plan of supervision (What directives would you give to Elmer and what expectations do you have of him). Your report should include but not limited to the following :
1. How do you initially approach Elmer? What is your demeanor?2. What do you ask Elmer that you likely do not know from the file material?3. What must you consider before providing Elmer with directives? What must you do in consideration of public safety and how do you intend to supervise?4. What restrictions would you likely impose on a sex offender with Elmer’s background?5. What problems would evident to you regarding Elmer’s reintegration into society?6. What referrals would likely be necessary and how would you prioritize those referrals (can an offender be set up to fail if given too many directives/referrals at one time?)
Answer specific questions in the order that they appear, Use paragraphs to answer general questions or to relate back and forth conversation. List specific directives and explain the purpose of those directives

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