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Using clinical question and using given two articles please answer these two questions with 2 power point slide each, with speaker note and citation and reference properly cited on this article. Please the power point slides are total of 4 at least each slide has to have 5 points.

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Power point topics

1. Recommends practice change with measurable outcomes and addresses feasibility

· Slide one- 5 points

· Slide two – 5 points

2. Suggestions for implementation

· Slide one- 5 points

· Slide two -5 points

Articles to refer only this given articles

· IndianJPalliatCare26595-6756418_184604.pdf

· wk7evidence.pdf

clinical Question

Patients and families that receive do not receive proper education from the healthcare team on the Covid-19 process do not verbalize understanding of the disease and fail to demonstrate safe engagement during this pandemic in the hospital stay as compared to the family that receives credible information. The focus group is the patients that are in hospitals and the family members that offer a visit to them in the hospital.

This issue is important to be addressed since it will offer more relevant information to the nursing facility and the hospital on the importance of educating patients on the following procedures regarding maintaining safety and protecting themselves from being infected with the virus. It is important to educate patients on the importance of maintaining distance, wearing masks, and sanitizing to avoid the spread of disease to other people (Tahan, 2020).

The answer to this problem could be a significant help to both the nursing facility and the patient when it comes to the prevention of the spread of this disease. This clinical question could be relevant to finding out if a patient that are educated about the disease follows instructions or have a huge probability of ignoring the information. World Healthcare organization has prepared programs all over the world that increase awareness of this disease and the appropriate ways of avoiding or preventing the spread of the disease.

The PICOT question is

“During pandemic how would patient and families receiving proper education about safe engagement, compare to a family who does not receive proper education safely engage during pandemic during the hospital length of stay?’’

P= patient and family

I= proper family and patient education

C=family who does not receive proper education

O= safe engagement during pandemic

T= During length of hospital stay

“The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the difference in outcome amid the family and patients that receive credible information about Covid-19 as compared to the outcomes of the patient that do not receive credible information.”

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