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In the words of Princeton Lyman, the former U.S. ambassador to South Africa, ‘Basson proved to be a combination of Dr. Strangelove and Walter Mitty.’  D. John Tuter, who managed one of Project Coast’s front companies, testified at Bassons’s trial ‘Walter Basson was Project Coast—end of story.’

Now then, to get up-to-speed, read this short report from FAS.org: Dr. Death and do some further research and write a succinct report that details Project Coast.  Your report should be provocative and take into consideration the following:

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  • Details of Project Coast:  its inception, history, and shroud of secrecy, compartmentalization and organizational autonomy.  
  • What biological agents did scientists research and test?
  • Walter Basson was a cardiologist, a physician—you know, “first do no harm”—so, how appropriate was the nom de guerre for Dr. Basson, Dr. Death?  Is he South Africa’s Dr. Josef Mengele? Who was Dr. Daan Goosen?  Where does Nelson Mandela fit in?
  • Is South Africa a signatory on the BWC?  If so, when?
  • In the context of this conference, where is South Africa today? Wrap-up with a summary paragraph and whether something like this can happen again, or perhaps it’s happening now?

Use the link: https://fas.org/blogs/fas/2010/05/dr-death-head-of-south-africas-biological-and-chemical-weapons-program/

APA format, in-text citation, references include, 1 1/2 pages

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