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An Innovative client (Data Warehouse Company) needs a consulting team to design and implement a Decision Support System (DSS) for them. The proposed system should use the latest technologies to support management of day-to-day decision-making processes and have predictive capabilities for trends and pattern checking. The team should deliver a well-tested and live prototype of the proposed DSS at the level and details that could be expanded later and fully implemented by the company. 

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Project: Decision Support System (DSS) for Data Warehouse

In this project you will deliver a DSS (prototype). The DSS project will be managed by applying relevant project management techniques and periodic project status reports are required. Project deliveries include documentations for:

· Business Intelligence Requirement Analysis,

· Proposed DSS Design

· Sample DSS Business Intelligence (BI) Reports

· Project Management Reports

· Power Point for live demonstration of the proposed DSS (prototype)

1. Business Intelligence requirement Analysis (1 deliverable)

Provides a clear, concise analysis of the business intelligence requirements for a selected DSS. The business selected (any company) is clearly described and correlates to the analysis. Includes the completed, accurate business intelligent requirements document and project status. Includes links to additional resources that help to visualize the project. (Include Analysis of BI for DSS of data warehouse. What are the BI requirements? What role a data warehouse can play in meeting the BI requirements?)

6 pages including title and reference… APA 7e format

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