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In this assignment, you will write a critical reflection about an Implicit Association

Test. You will analyze your results on the test and use your experience to evaluate the test

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Writing Assignment 1: DUE OCTOBER 9 by 2 PM PDT on Canvas.

Purpose: In this assignment, you will write a critical reflection about an Implicit Association

Test. You will analyze your results on the test and use your experience to evaluate the test



1. Visit Project Implicit: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html. Implicit

Association Tests (IATs) try to measure the test-taker’s implicit bias. What is the

difference between implicit and explicit bias? Does someone with implicit bias against a

group necessarily have explicit bias?

2. Take the Race IAT. What was your result? What was your reaction to your results when

you saw them? Do you think they were accurate? Explain why you felt this way. Note:

We are asking you to be honest about any implicit biases you may have, but we want you

to be inquisitive about them. Where do those biases come from? Are they fair?

3. Provide an argument defending the IAT as a good way to measure implicit bias. Then,

provide an argument against the IAT’s ability to measure implicit bias. (These arguments

must be based on test design; the FAQs page is a good place to learn about how the test

works: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/faqs.html)

4. Revise your draft.

 Check: does each paragraph express one clear idea? Do you tell the reader what

that idea is in a topic sentence?

 Print your draft and read it out loud to help you identify spots where the language

or ideas could be clearer.

 Ask a friend or relative who is NOT in this class to proofread your essay. If you

have someone read over your essay, please mention who did so at the end of your

essay, e.g. “My friend Carla read my essay.”

 If you read outside of the https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit website to assist you

with this assignment, please cite it using the format of your choice.

Format: You have 600 words to say everything you want to say. Write freely and then revise to

express your ideas clearly and concisely.

You do not need to write an introduction or conclusion. Be sure that each paragraph states its

focus in a topic sentence.

You can write in the 1st person, using “I” statements (e.g. “I was surprised by what the test


To make it easier for us to read, use Times New Roman 12 point font with double-spaced lines

and 1.25-inch margins.https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.htmlhttps://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/faqs.htmlhttp://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/GRAMMAR/paragraphs.htm#topic_sentenceshttps://implicit.harvard.edu/implicithttp://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/GRAMMAR/paragraphs.htm#topic_sentences

Grading: The graders will follow the below rubric. There is no partial credit within any of the


Step 1: description of implicit/explicit


3 pts: definition of implicit bias

3 pts: definition of explicit bias

2 pts: does implicit bias require explicit


Step 2: reaction to the IAT 2 pts: what was the result

2 pts: what was reaction to the result

2 pts: do you think results are accurate

2 pts: justification for why you think

results are or are not accurate

Step 3: arguments for/against IAT 4 pts: argument in favor of IAT that relies

on test design

4 pts: argument against IAT that relies on

test design

Step 4: legibility 2 pts: formatted correctly

2 pts: within 500-700 words (including

headers, footnotes, works cited),

4 pts: turned in before deadline (if turned

in past 5PM, additional points can be

taken off)

Regrading Policy: The graders will leave detailed comments on your essay explaining where

and why you lost points. You can visit any of the teaching assistants’ office hours to go over

those comments in more detail if you would like further clarification. Teaching assistants are not

available to provide feedback via email.

Alyssa will go over the main points of the essay in lecture on October 13. If you believe you lost

points in error, you can submit a regrade request to her email ([email protected]) until October

20. In this request you need to state which step you think you deserve more points on and why.

By submitting a request, you agree to wager half of the lost points, such that if she denies your

request she will take those points off your essay.

For example, suppose you receive 6/8 points on Step 2 because you forgot to report your result

on the Race IAT. If you submit a regrade request for those 2 lost points, and she rereads your

essay and cannot find your result, she will deduct 1 point so you receive 5/8 points on Step 2.

Given this penalty, you should only submit requests for grades that you are confident were

made in error. We will not tell you via email whether you should submit a request.mailto:[email protected]666666

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