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Need to have 3 DBA/IT questions answered. They are 275 words each and they all must have at least 2 references each. Thanks  

Task 1: 275 Words with reference (at least 2)

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IT Related Questions
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Explain five things that you should avoid if you are to improve the performance of the database.

Task 2: 275 Words with reference (at least 2)

Why is it important for DBAs to be part of the application team?

Task 3: 275 words with references (at least 2)

This session, we discussed a lot about database security. We will focus three topics for this conference: (1) Inference in ordinary databases or statistical databases, (2) database privacy (through encryption),and (3) cloud security. Please pick one of these three topics and explain in your own words what the problem or issue is, how the issue is being addressed and some of the concerns with the solutions being proposed. 

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